Book Review: Celeste by V.C. Andrews

When I saw Celeste by V.C. Andrews on my local libraries book shelf, nostalgia flooded my heart. I haven’t read her books since I was a pre-teen. Most people don’t know, but Andrews died in 1986… A ghost writer, who Andrews selected prior to her death, has written 40+ novels under her name since, all in the style of Andrews writing. Celeste, like her other novels, did not disappoint.

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Celeste and her twin brother Noble share everything, including a new-age obsessed superstitious mother who has built a spiritual wall around their home. One day there is a terrible accident. Unable to accept that her son has died, she dresses his deceased body in Celeste’s clothing and forces Celeste to “become” Noble. As she grows and her body changes, it becomes more and more difficult to keep up the ruse… especially when a handsome new neighbor moves in next door.

An excellent start in the Gemini Series! I look forward to the next, titled Black Cat!


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