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Welcome to A Well Read Woman Blog’s Request Page. The following are the services I offer, followed by past reviews/interviews/and guest posts:

Book Review Requests:

For fair, thoughtful, and honest book reviews, please email Accepting both electronic and bound books (preferred), self-published, as well as traditionally published, from authors, publicists, publishing houses, and publisher liaisons. I’m currently accepting Romance, Women’s Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Psychological Thrillers, Horror, and Cozy Mysteries. Above all, I accept “good writing”. If you have a well-written novel that you think I may enjoy, query me and I will get back to you. As a warning, I have an extensive to-be-reviewed queue. If you need your review sooner, I offer an expedited book review service, (see below).

Reviews are posted on this blog, social media, Goodreads, and Amazon. I work with Penguin Publishing, Doubleday Books, Random House Publishing, Entangled Publishing, Harper Collins Publishing, Totally Bound, Fanny Press, Carina, Avon UK/Harper Collins Publishing, Red Adept Publishing, Notting Hill Press, Limitless Publishing, and oodles of indie Authors. 🙂

My quotes and personal opinions have been used on book jackets to sell books. FYI, my review policy may change without notice due to real-life commitments. Book review requests are first come first served, but I don’t always go in order due to expedited book review requests, which receive top priority.

***Please send E-Copies in PDF format, Mobi, or Gift to my Kindle through Amazon. –(Mobi files and Kindle preferred.) My mailing address can be provided upon request for physical copies. Thank you!

***I now offer expedited reviews! For more information, click here!


Professional Beta Reading Service:

Authors, are you looking for feedback on your finished manuscript? I now offer a professional beta reading service!

Interview Requests:

If you are an Author interested in an interview, please contact the above email address. Interviews are also posted on this blog, and social media. Interview requests are first come, first served so do be patient so I can devote the same quality time to your project as I do for the person(s) before you. If I am also reviewing your novel, I prefer to interview after my review is completed. Thank you for your consideration!


Character Interview Requests:

Character interviews can only be conducted AFTER I have read your novel. If you are interested, please email me and let me know! I find these interviews a lot of fun and would be happy to peak inside the mind of one of your characters.

Guest Posts:

I welcome guest posts from Authors, and post them on this blog and social media. The following topics are open, or you can make up your own. Please send to the above email address for review, and if I accept it, I will get back to you when I post.

1.) Your publishing journey, or how you became a published Author.

2.) The inspiration behind your latest book.

3.) The right and wrong ways to promote your book, (regarding social media, book events, blog tours, book signings, etc).

4.) Helpful advice for aspiring authors in regards to (querying publishers), or (self-publishing), or (writing a novel synopsis), etc.

5.) Ten things you didn’t know about (Author’s name), or ten things you didn’t know about (your book).



Check out testimonials from other Authors who have worked with me!

Books I have received from Authors in exchange for a Review. Click book icon(s) to see my review(s)!

death2 heirtothesun wickhamsfolly coppergirlresized rotdresized playingwithherheart3 wheretheheartscollideresized Final counter cover Jan 29.indd thevempire2 somethingtaken reflections secretsiren Rushing_Into_Love promises swords_of_iron the_harvest (1) wantoninthewildwestimage homeagainhomeagain quintals_return remembering_love the_tempering theenlightening timelesslove somethingreturnedresized thesevensisters cem.tour perpetualresized ch

bodydouble indiscretionresized A romantic comedy about love, friendship, romance...and divorce!  tryingtoohard illbedamned sbs ir jds alt kp1 girlsof prettywoman semmant above2 nmm avglresized ob wc dd hswtm1 Inanimate Objects fromfairies HarlotAtTheHomesteadBookCover 140636802068781 here copperravensbookcover the_amazing_crystal hisgirlfriday heartbreaker lost lostinus awakeningfosterkelly scaredscriptless tg thezodiaccollector  thebabyandthebride thegirlonthehalfshell quintals tmw themine please bindthattie kreng-1 amullete maziebaby ny cominghomeforxmas kickstart therecon shadowsofserenity bw findosmousetrap  hotdoc lore finding precise2 beast hfm hfh wolfsong sas laylaresized god meri mereresized mere3 mere4  confessions curvy redwhiteandascrewed theridingschool learningtheropes nothingtotell theriseofchaos angelsatthegate howmuchdoyouloveme thenakedchef tristan iwontgiveuponyou caught firstnight bridewithoutagroom2 thefallenstar byathread atimetoreap fis lp piecebypiece outofyourmind perfect_girl goody englishivy ss amelia1 penelope next-stop garret haveyouseenthisgirl dc w2p vivian BTS el asgoodasitgets1 forgotten-objects thebabyinthewindowresized darkconfessionsofanextraordinaryordinarywoman reneesreturn sick olivia thegiftofcharms tns tjg everlastingresized hotlg asuddengust afraidofhershadowresized dandelion changingteams2 thefetishcollection BOYBAND  backstage the-trinity dss thebadgirl godontrial match cs carnivalofdeadgirls braineaterjonesbook the-journey tungs ninelives thelostwoman tasteme sleeperprotocol ellieresized afterdeathresized splintered cheerleadingcanbemurderx echoes sicker redresized moonstone cursedcabin redemption tvq blackwatertales

Authors I have interviewed! Click icons to view interview(s): 

kendrasaunders zoeyork jenn2 shaunjmclaughlin kpambroziak j_brock Kelly Hashway  ellen_march wanton_in_the_wild_west daphne_du_bois SONY DSC dsresized trre fayehall msr julie mm kf eden katie marigold-profile lauralee tkthorne cal carlosrubio1

Character Interviews:

Miriam of No More Mulberries, by Author Mary Smith

Meredith of The Meredith Series, by Author Amanda Gale

Wendi Wise of Have You Seen This Girl?, by Author Carissa Ann Lynch

Guest Posts:

Advice for Aspiring Authors, by Author Pete Barber

When I Knew It Was All Worthwhile, by Urban Fantasy Author Jennifer Allis Provost

The Best Little (Nerdy) Bookstore in Queens, by Author Kendra L. Saunders

The Inspiration Behind Rookie SeasonLove In The Ballpark Series, by Author V.K. Robbins

Building A Hero I Can Believe In, by Author Samantha Bryant

What They Don’t Tell You About Getting Published, by Author Katie O’ Rourke

I Never Found My Steven, But I Did Find My Story, by Author Jessica Redland

A Sense of Place, by Author Jo Bartlett

The Story Behind The Story: Guest Post by Author Faye Hall

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Identity Theft (The Novel), by Author Laura Lee

Ten Things You Never Knew About Author Rosie Millard: Guest Post & New Release of The Square, by Author Rosie Millard

A New Year’s Eve Romance, Guest Post by Author Rebecca Brooks

About the Blogger: April Wood is an author – currently writing an urban fantasy series titled Season Of The Witch (Winter’s Curse TBR by Wind Trail Publishing 10/16), – a book blogger, an author interviewer, a professional beta reader, and a caffeinated book reviewer. When she is not glued to her computer or a book, she is busy taming wild spiderwort, (God, those plants are annoying!), obsessing over her gardens to the point of insanity, feeding wildlife, and propagating her ever-growing collection of African violets. She lives in a large, beautiful historic tudor colonial filled to the brim with her family, two cats, and three dogs.


5 thoughts on “Author Services — Requests

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  3. Wow. Growing African violets…I stupidly killed my last one. Too much water. I’ll contact you with a review request via your outlook email address. CeCe Osgood


  4. Hi

    I don’t know if this is the place to leave info on a book, but I can’t find the email address. Of course, I am not the brightest when it comes to all of these things either. So maybe, it will arrive. I am getting ready to release the sequel to my book, but I would like to introduce readers to the first one since they are better together. This one isn’t typical, a urban crime story, but I think its an important story for all women, and men, too. I would be happy to provide it to you as a Kindle or book form, and any other who would be willing to review it on Amazon or their site.


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