Rating System


5 Star Rating: Not only do I love this book, I am CRAZY for it! I highly recommend it, and plan on reading it again when the mood strikes me! A book I would be proud to display on my bookshelf!


4 Star Rating: I really enjoyed this book! I would recommend it to readers who enjoy this particular genre! A well written story that is easy to get lost in and live vicariously through. I will probably read again.


3 Star Rating: I liked this book. The story was interesting and it held my interest. I would recommend it!


2 Star Rating: Eh… Something about this book bothered me. I wanted to like it, but was unable to get into the story. I wouldn’t personally recommend it, but also wouldn’t sway others from giving it a chance. Read at your own risk!


1 Star Rating: Worst piece of drivel I have ever laid my eyes on… I would recommend it for the brush pile… to be burned!


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