My Interview with Author Jerrie Brock

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Today I am lucky to be interviewing Jerrie Brock, Author of the dramatic fiction Something Taken!


Thank you Jerrie for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about your background.

I can honestly say that my life’s been an adventure. I was married for 25 years, to a wonderful guy nearly as odd as me, so we had a great marriage.  He died a few years ago, but I still have plenty to remember him by. He decided to move an 85 foot Pullman Passenger Car into the backyard, but never got around to working on it.  So I turned into a library, filled with my many books. When I’m in there, I smile, thinking about him and all the grumbling I did when he moved the monstrosity in.  It’s great!

I have a variety of animals with a very large yard to take care of.  All of my pets just arrived in some fashion, easily targeting a soft touch for critters in need.  Most people don’t know I write. I tend towards building things, repair and restoration, working with my hands.  My full time work is in the maintenance field and landscaping. The idea of me actually writing stories might not quite fit with what they know of me.  That’s okay too, I don’t mind having a few different personalities; they keep me company.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I never thought about it. I have always written, I think my first full length novel was completed when I was around 13.  Writing has always been my passion. I wanted to be a journalist at one time, but, alas, life got in the way of dreams.  I have dozens of books completed, but this is the first I have ever had anyone read.  You might say I’ve been a closet writer all my life. I was lucky to find an affordable and excellent editor who helped me take it from the rough into something that I thought I could share with others.  I am not totally confident in my writing ability, though. It is hard to judge something that I do as habit, or maybe even compulsion.  But I love to write, I love the challenge, I enjoy the research, I get a thrill out of constructing something better out of the ordinary.  The only certainty I have is that I will always write.  Whether I publish I guess will depend on the reception of this series.  If people enjoy it enough, I might publish more.  If I wrote non-stop to the end of my life, I’d never make it through all the stories I would like to write, so if I could support myself by writing, I would be a happy camper.

What was your inspiration for writing Something Taken?

Life.  It is a difficult subject but loosely based on actual events.  That said, I thought it was important since it still occurs, and because of the individuals involved, it is easily ignored.  It is probably the only form of sexual assault where the victim is still condemned for instigating it.  It is also a testament to the strength of the human spirit to overcome, and mainly a salute to the kindness of strangers to reach out to another to lend a hand.  If I have learned anything out of all my adventures through life, it is that there are far more good people in the world than bad.  They deserve their moment in the spotlight too.

You touched upon some harsh things in Something Taken: drug abuse, homelessness, rape, and corrupt police. Was it difficult to write this story?

I don’t think so.  There were parts that were sad, and being a feeling person, they did get to me.  But overall, it was not truly difficult.  Time puts things in perspective.  At some point, I learned to reflect on the past without regret.  All the things that touched me, all the people I have met, all those who supported me through all sorts of ups and downs, contributed to making me what I became and I think the end product is okay, not perfect.  Mainly I learned that extending kindness to others is the greatest gift I can offer, so I do.

I was happy to learn that there will be a sequel! What can we expect in the next story?

It’s much less of a disturbing and difficult read than Something Taken.  I consider Something Returned a bit of a love story.  It is Terry, nearly thirty years later, facing the inconceivable notion that she must now answer for the crimes committed so long ago.  The problem is that she is now Melissa McCurdy, married 25 years, two grown children, and her family knows nothing of her past.  Will she lose all that she worked so hard to secure?  The sequel was actually written first, but the story became so involved that it backed up and ended up with separate novels.  There is also a third story with it, different from the first two in what it covers.  Keep tuned in.

What genre do you write for, and who is your target audience?

I write reality based stories in a variety of genres.  I have romances, some humor, a lot of historic fiction, other contemporary fiction.  All of my stories have a basis in reality, because l have found real life is far more intriguing than creating my own world.  I love to read and research, so I use that in my work.  My historic fiction is not only accurate to the period, but also many of the characters actually existed, and I insert the main characters of my own.

Some of my contemporary is a little controversial, since it deals with subjects that many would prefer not to acknowledge exist.  I use various perspectives, so that maybe it will allow some understanding rather judgments.  My romances are probably better described as love stories.  They may have sex scenes if needed, but overall, the focus is on the people and the strength that love can give all of us.

What draws you to this genre?

I can’t write about things that seem fake to me, so stories about real people, facing real life troubles and tragedies, is where I am comfortable.  The world has been filled with remarkable people, enduring, surviving, thriving, and making the world a little better, so I enjoy sharing that.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?





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Thank you Jerrie for taking the time to participate in this interview!

You are very welcomed.  I certainly appreciate your time and the wonderful job you do with your website.  Thank you for hosting me.


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