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“If you’re looking for an inexpensive, efficient, and honest beta reader, I cannot recommend April Wood enough! Efficient, honest and reasonable. –Author Karissa Laurel

“Thoughtful, comprehensive reviews, concentrating on Women’s Fiction, Romance and related genres, from a considerate, responsive reviewer.” —Author Jerrie Brock

“Huge thanks to you: big sales spike in No More Mulberries (UK) after interview on A Well Read Woman Blog.” — Author Mary Smith

“You have outdone yourself! I must thank you once again for the wonderful review and great interview. It really knocked my socks off because I was not expecting all the links you provided.” —Author Carlos Rubio

“Thrilled by your lovely review April, thank you! x” —Author Fiona Gibson

“Thanks so much for the great review!” —Author Sophie Childs

“Squeeee!!! My first review!!! And it’s a great one! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you April Wood and A Well Read Woman Blog! <3” —Author Carissa Ann Lynch

“April helped me HUGELY with my very early draft of Dating An Alien Pop Star. I wholeheartedly recommend her. Her advice about the sex scenes really helped make it a better book, among other things. She’s awesome!”–Author Kendra L. Saunders on my Beta Reading Service

“The organization and presentation of this interview is the best I’ve ever seen. Thank you!” — Author T.K. Thorne

“I’d describe her as simply FABULOUS! She’s a wonderful interviewer and I was honored to be invited on her blog. Be sure to connect to April on all her great sites!” —Author Eden Baylee

“Such wonderful, sweet words from a lady I greatly admire and am so proud to call a friend! Book lovers and Authors, follow this woman right now!” —Author Jacqueline Smith

“Honoured to be interviewed on A Well Read Woman Woman!”–Author Julie Frayn

“Omg I’m so happy right now lol! Can I retweet your review a million times?!?!?! 😉 *squishy hugs*”–Author Laura Diamond

“Thank you for your sweet & thoughtful words. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the book. The reviews always challenge me to write better.” —Author Ariana Miller

“I LOVE YOU!!! What a WONDERFUL review! Thank you, gorgeous! 🙂 HUGS!!! Xxxxx. 5 star book review for Harlot At The Homestead!” —Author Molly Ann Wishlade

“Huge thanks to April Wood for her extremely kind words about my fantasy story collection!” —Author Daphne du Bois

“Thank you so much. I loved the review! Thanks again for your time and the opportunity.” —Author Dahlia Savage

“Thanks for the AWESOME review of American Specter!”– Author Rasheedah Prioleau

“One of the best interviews I’ve done with a wonderful lady.” —Author Nadine Christian

“Blown away by this review of Rushing Into Love! Thank you, April Wood!” —Author Ashelyn Drake

“Thank you for such thoughtful reviews of my women’s fiction series. I am so grateful! It’s been lots of fun!” —Author Amanda Gale

“Thank you, April, for your never ending support, and making the world a better place for female writers.” —Author Kendra L. Saunders

If you have worked with me, and would like to submit your own testimony, please do so in the comment section below and I will add it! Thank you so much to everyone who has said nice things about A Well Read Woman Blog!


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