Book Review: Charlie All Night, by Jennifer Crusie


charlie***That moment when you realize what the title of the book means…***

Radio producer Allie has been dumped by her boyfriend, and demoted to the 10 pm – 2 am spot on the radio. When temporary DJ Charlie comes in, he awakens in her this go-getter attitude of making him famous, (and boosting her career in the process). What she wasn’t expecting, was to fall in love… Too bad Charlie is only around for a short four weeks.

Charlie isn’t interested in being famous. As a matter of fact he isn’t even a real DJ. He has been assigned to spy on one of the other DJ’s who is suspected of giving marijuana to cancer patients, (oh the horror!).

I liked Charlie up until I realized he was hell bent on arresting a peaceful old hippy who was helping cancer patients… I mean really Jennifer Crusie?? Couldn’t you have made the “crime” a bit more serious? You managed to turn your “hero” into a “villian” and you didn’t even realize it. You lost me. 😦

I love Jennifer Crusie’s books but she lost me with this one. I gave it three stars because minus the pot bust, it was a nice little story.


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