Book Review: Sprinkle With Murder, by Jenn McKinlay

Image“Cupcake? She knew as a female entrepreneur, she shouldn’t let him get away with calling her such a frivolous nickname. But darn it, it made her feel breathless the way he said it in his low voice accompanied by his slow grin. And she liked it.”

Mel and Angie, co-workers and best friends, own The Fairy Tale Cupcakes bakery. When a particularly demanding bridezilla insists they make five hundred cupcakes, (all completely unique that they aren’t allowed to make again, per contract)… they think her demands are as worse as it gets. That is until the bridezilla turns up dead, presumably from ingesting one of the unique cupcakes.

Mel becomes the prime suspect, and in order to save her and Angie’s business, she needs to do some investigating to find the real murderer. Unfortunately, her investigation does lead her right to the killer, and the killer’s gun… pointed directly at her.

I liked this story. Between the investigation, and the troubles with the rival bakery, it made for a very fun read. There are a lot of layers to this story. It is part romance, part mystery, and very comedic. I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys mysteries based on desserts and murder.

I give this book 4 out of 5 cupcakes! 🙂 4bloodycupcakes


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