The Jamison Family; Missing (?) in Oklahoma UPDATE

***Updates at the bottom.

The Jamison family, from Latimer County, Oklahoma went missing on October 8th, 2009. The circumstances surrounding their disappearance are mind-boggling to say the very least. If you haven’t already heard about this case, sit back and get cozy. I promise you this is more intriguing than any best selling mystery book.

Bobby Dale Jamison, and Sherrilynn Jamison, with their beautiful, (then six year old), daughter Madyson Jamison in tow, set out to look at the property they were planning to buy in Red Oak, Oklahoma. Their abandoned truck, and barely-clinging-to-life dog were found days later by hunters. Also left in the truck, a gun, maps, GPS system, shoes, jackets, cellphone, and a large sum of money.


There were no signs of a struggle outside the vehicle, and no evidence that they were taken against their will. More than 300 people searched the heavily-wooded area nearby with absolutely no results. The Jamison family had simply vanished.

Bobby Dale and Sherrilynn Jamison had been acting strangely before they went missing. Here’s a quick rundown of the peculiar events that took place before their disappearance:

1.) There were rumors of methamphetamine use, (unfounded).

2.) A security cam video that shows the couple walking back and forth between their truck and home, sometimes loading the truck and other times just staring off into space, oblivious to each other.

3.) Sherrilynn threatened the neighborhood with a sign she hung in her front yard, stating she was a witch and felt someone in her neighborhood had killed her cat.

4.) Bobby Dale was disabled and unable to do work around the house so a friend moved in with the family to help. Sherrilynn pointed a gun to the man and chased him off her property, after she said he made racist remarks about her native american heritage.

5.) A minister had reported that Bobby Dale came to him complaining about ghosts on the roof, and if he knew what kind of bullet would kill them.

6.) Bobby Dale and Sherrilynn Jamison had just removed their daughter from kindergarten, threatening to sue the school system, (nobody knows why).

There have been rumors that this may have been a double murder/suicide, but their bodies have never been recovered. Had one of them done this, sure they could hide two bodies, but they wouldn’t of been able to hide themselves. The murder-suicide theory doesn’t make sense, and the gun was found still in the car. Had it of been a murder-suicide, the most likely weapon would of been that gun.

Which is why it is hard to believe that they could have been taken against their own will, that gun, and if they were, for what? What would kidnappers want with an entire family? Nothing was stolen, including a bag of cash totaling $32,000. Most importantly, the sand around the vehicle wasn’t disturbed showing any sign of a struggle.

So where are they?

Some people feel this family isn’t missing at all. That they became part of a witness protection program, or that they left on their own and started a new life. But why leave Madyson’s beloved dog behind to die? Why leave your gun? Why leave $32,000 cash!?



1.) The Jamison family is not listed on the FBI’s missing persons website… Nor is Madyson Jamison listed on the Missing and Exploited Children’s website. Why would this be?

2.) Sherrilynn dyed Madyson’s hair before they left… Who dyes a kindergartner’s hair?


3.) Their family has not offered any reward money for information leading to the Jamison family… despite $32,000 being found in the truck that could be put to good use. Why?

4.) A brown tote bag was seen being lugged into their truck by their security camera installed onto their house. When the truck was found, the tote bag was gone. Is it possible the tote bag contained coats, and other personal items that the family would need to travel? Maybe even cash?

5.) Their were tire tracks seen at the scene, in addition to the tire tracks that the Jamison’s truck left. Who else was up there? Did the Jamison’s arrange for someone to pick them up?

6.) Will somebody please tell me how two people on social security disability, which pays around $1000 a mth each, had $32,000 cash? Not sure how this plays into my theory I am about to discuss, but thought it should be mentioned anyways.

7.) Both Bobby Dale and Sherrilynn had lost substantial weight before they disappeared.

Here is my conclusion based on these new insights… I believe the Jamison’s are in witness protection. Their erratic behavior, paranoia, and security cameras may have been for a very good reason. This would explain why the FBI doesn’t have them listed as “missing persons”.

Usually, but not always, you can keep your pet. This may explain why they left their dog behind, sadly.

The area they lived in had a lot of meth users… Is it possible the Jamison’s had valuable information that endangered their lives, and they were needed to testify?

The Witness Protection Program would have provided them with help finding a new home and car, money (roughly $2000 a mth), social security cards, fake credit report, and a fake job history. Everything they would need to start their lives over again.

So are they in Witness Protection? I’m not sure… But since nobody else wants to cover this case I feel the need to keep digging.


If you have any information about this case, please contact the Latimer Police Department at (918) 465-2161


There is a lot of controversy as to whether or not psychics are useful in solving crimes. Like them or not, police and private investigators have used psychics for decades to aid them in their investigations of missing person(s), and unsolved murders.  The following is a collaboration of psychic mediums who have meditated over this case and come up with pretty interesting information that was further corroborated by a family member of the Jamison’s.


A psychic who goes by the name “JS” did a meditation on Madyson, and these are the thoughts that came to her:

1.) Deception, 2.) Travel, 3.) Drugs, 4.) Riverwalk, 5.) Forest, 6.) Hot, 7.) Run

JS then said, “I do not feel that she has passed….I felt her happy and content. As in location, I felt she is somewhere hot, with a forest, a river (I actually got riverwalk) but that reminds me of San Antonio and I do not feel it is San Antonio…. I get the feeling that there might have been a connection to drugs and decided to leave the state or even the country. I am very confused on the location, but I think the whole family is safe and do not want to be found.”

Another psychic, who goes by the name “LuckiestMom”, had a very different experience while meditating on Madyson. The following are her thoughts:

“First, I see her as having made her transition. I see some very violent, unpleasant things happening.
I want to call her Stormy, not Madyson. Not sure if that’s what she wants, or an association with another child.(Maybe this explains the difference. Could it be another missing girl named Stormy?)
She comes to me in a jean jumper, white tights with horizontal black stripes, and tennis shoes.
She is jumping around, dancing, singing, and making noises. Happy and full of energy.
She is showing me her body, laying on the ground outside, in the open. There is mostly dirt, maybe a clump of weeds here and there. Dry area, flat, almost like a desert feel. Nothing around.
She sends a hello to a woman who used to chew gum all the time and call her sugar.
I see a thin man, probably in his 40s, balding on forehead and top, light brown facial hair.
She says, look, I’m a cat! I can run real fast! And she zooms all over the place.
He took us in his car. Daddy owed him money. (I know, doesn’t make sense since they found money in the car, but its what she said)
I see her tied up on the floor of the back seat of a vehicle. (Remember, as she is telling me this stuff, she is dancing, running, playing, not upset at all. She is happy and at peace.)
She is showing me a big plastic ring on her finger. It looks like one of those lollipop rings.
I see a man standing in white light, so I think he has already made his transition. He has whiteish grey hair and is wearing a yellow dress shirt. No facial hair.
Now she is riding all over the place on the back of a tortious! She is constantly moving!
I see a lot of guns.
She says Lucy is dead.
She says, went down a rabbit hole.
I see a tall thin man with short dark a little wavy hair, cowboy hat and boots.
I see a german shepard dog
She keeps trying to tell me something, but gets distracted. She says, Jesus, then stops, a couple of times. Then she says Jesus prayed with me.
I ask her what city she is in. She says a little town. Then she sings the line a little town of Bethlehem
I ask her again. She says yoyos go up and down. Ladybug Lake. Can you find it? Like we are playing a game.
Now she is on a wooden rocking horse, rocking back and forth really fast.
Daddy says not to tell cause they will kill us. In a monster voice she adds, the man with all the slaves.
She says mom is having a baby.
I asked her if her mom already had the baby. Nope. The man done cut her up.
I asked if her mommy was there with her. Nope. She went to a rodeo…Yeehaw!”

An interesting thing about “Stormy” is that Madyson’s middle name is “Stormy Star”. Her middle name hasn’t been discussed in the media, and was corroborated by a family member. The rodeo connection was interesting also because this family member was once told that one of the suspects has ties with a rodeo auction house.

When meditating on Bobby Dale Jamison, LuckiestMom picked up on the following:

“I see a woman with blonde hair in a ponytail, tight white short sleeved shirt. Now she has blunt cut bangs. Now it is turning into a cartoon, like people use for their log in photo.
I see layers of barbed wire or razor tape.
The name Baer. (Don’t know what this means either)
Buried treasure
Witch hazel
See a clean cut man in jeans, dress shirt tucked in, another shirt under it. Long wavy golden brown hair.
Border patrol, or border crossing
El Paso
I see a person on a horse with a lasso- can’t really see the person, emphasis on laso
Pagan springs
Feel panicked, frazzled. Hurry hurry. Was going to bury something, or hide something.
See a womans legs from the knees down. White uniform pants and nurses shoes.
I see a bunch of people but can’t make them out. They keep getting bigger and smaller, close and then farther away, warped, in and out of focus. Up and down, stretched and then thin. Feel disoriented.”

LuckiestMom reported this of her meditation on Sherrilyn:

“Have started a meditation on Sherrilynn twice now, and both times I immediately see her in an orange jumpsuit.”

After coming back and doing a reading on Bobby Dale, and Sherrilyn, JS reported this:

“I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I think they were selling drugs….this could explain explain why they had so much money when they were both on disability. I also got that they were trying to get away and start over. They may be in prison in Mexico…I don’t know. I will try to get something on the parents.”

Santa Lucia “Riverwalk”, (which was hit on before), Monterrey Mexico… Is it possible the Jamison’s crossed the border?


Every psychic who has meditated on this case, including ones with zero connection to one another, have all came to the same disturbing thought that Sherrilyn was maimed quite badly. Several have seen her with her breasts cut off. The family member of the Jamison’s has said this wasn’t the first time she has heard this, and likely she will hear it again.  This is interesting to me because it has been reported multiple times. None of the psychics felt that Sherrilyn died due to this.

The psychics collaborating over this case  dropped it in 2011, because most felt that this family was alive and either didn’t want to be found, or were in hiding because if they were spotted they could be in danger.  While other psychics felt that Bobby Dale and Madyson were deceased, but still together spiritually.

We all know the expression, “too many cooks in the kitchen”…

Although psychics are used in investigations, their input isn’t scientifically based, and therefore isn’t used in a court of law. The above psychics worked non for profit, and didn’t request to be compensated for their efforts.

As I have said previous, I believe the Jamison’s are still alive, and I hope they resurface someday. If you have any information about this case, please contact the Latimer Police Department at (918) 465-2161

UPDATE 3: 11/20/2013

Four years after the Jamison’s disappearance, authorities believe they have found the remains of Bobby Dale, Sherilyn, and Madyson Jamison. While it has not been confirmed, it is highly likely as the remains of two adults and one child were found approximately 2.7 miles away from where their truck was discovered in 2009 in a mountainous region. “Depending on the features of these remains and their state of preservation, identification can take anywhere from days to years,” spokeswoman Amy Elliott said in a statement.


This is what bothers me, 300 searchers and dozens of law enforcement officials scoured the area looking for this family… How were these remains not stumbled upon sooner? Once again, hunters, (it was hunters who found the truck also), discovered the remains. I’m not sure how far the search extended  (mileage wise), but it seems 2.7 miles should have been within the radius of where they were searching!

I also find it curious that the McStay families remains were discovered only two days prior to the Jamison’s remains…

These findings are a huge breakthrough to what was a very cold case. Hopefully after identification, the missing pieces will come together and this puzzle will be solved.

UPDATE 7/4/14

It is with great sadness that I report that the remains found near Red Oak have been positively identified as those belonging to the Jamison family. The cause of death has been listed as unknown, due to incomplete skeletal remains. The medical examiner’s office will continue to work  on this case, with a final report expected at a later date.


81 thoughts on “The Jamison Family; Missing (?) in Oklahoma UPDATE

  1. You have many theories but there is an experimentally provable cause of this event. ___ Fifty years ago engineers discovered a problem with the physiology of sight when it caused believed-harmless psychotic-like episodes of confusion for office workers. The cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision to stop it by 1968/

    Video from an episode of “Disappeared” shows the couple placed two computer workstations side by side in their bedroom. That created the “mental break causing design mistake” engineers found. __ Supervision in an office sends someone home or to a hospital when bizarre behavior begins. But no one took notice when the Jamisons began to see spirits.

    There are many other such cases. Most are college students. Anyone with full normal sight who can suppress the vision startle reflex can have Subliminal Distraction.

    Other examples on my site are: Mary Shotwell Little, Atlanta, Ron Tammen, Miami of Ohio, Joe Morse, Georgia Tech suicide, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, mass shooter suicide, Jokela, Finland.

    There is no down side to learning what visual subliminal distraction is and taking simple free precautions to avoid it.

    By copying the design mistake I can experimentally cause anxiety and depressive ideation for anyone who has full sight and can suppress the vision startle reflex. ___ While safe with precautions, if allowed to run too long it would create the episode the Jamisons had. ___ Most will be satisfied to perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision. This shows how exposure begins subliminally, is undetectable, thus cannot be consciously experienced VisionAndPsychosis_Net

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  2. I have followed this case closely…theories abound. However something someone posted earlier caught my attention.
    The comment they made was that the Jamison family’s remains were located just two days before the remains of the McStay family…and also within a very short time of another family named Szczepanik. All families missing under very similar circumstances and found in much the same way. Is it possible that arrests were made in conjunction w a cartel and a member of said cartel may have given Law Enforcement information on these missing families as motivation for a PleaDeal of some kind? The time frame of when these families were found lead me to believe there was common denominator in some way with a person or persons with knowledge of the murders.
    Thoughts or opinions?

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  3. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!

    Extremely helpful information specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such
    info a lot. I was seeking this certain information for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.


  4. Hasn’t anybody ever thought about why the dogs got interested in the watertank?
    Perhaps the smell attracted them to the area. Could this be from the smell from their bodies that were being washed with water from the tank whilst they were being prepared for relocation in a vehicle.

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  5. I’ve followed this case since the story broke. My feeling from the very beginning was that they are dead. I thought I read or heard the $32,000.00 was a back payment of Social Security benefits due to one of them. I feel very strongly that this is a murder suicide case. They called a real estate agent and told her they wanted to look a a remote property. She offered to show it to them, but they told her they did not want her there – just the directions to find it. They attempted to find it one day but did not succeed. They returned the second day and found the “remote property”. I think they took some method of suicide with them in the brown brief case, possibly antifreeze in a biogeadeable container. At some point in their search for the perfect resting place they threw away the brown brief case. It may or may not be found some day. I think they found the spot they wanted and they all lay down in a row on their backs with there heads in a row and drank the concoction. The container probably blew away over the years or may be covered in leaves as their bodies were. Just my opinion.


      • Thank you, April. I have spent so much time thinking about this family. I think their having made a decision to committ murder/suicide could explain their walking to and from the truck in a “zombie state”. BUT, why were they walking back and forth loading the truck? If they knew they were going to their deaths. And who was the man in the picture?
        And what was the purpose of the brown brief case that was never found?
        That last picture of Madyson will haunt me forever. That is most definitely NOT a normal picture of a child. Children are camera hogs, but she is not even looking at the camera! I sent that photo to several family members who had never heard of the case and I asked them, “What is this child feeling? What is she experiencing? What is going on within her line of vision? What story would you create around this photo?”.
        I got varying answers, but none pleased me. I am in Jungian analysis and my doctor can read any facial expression. I keep forgetting to, but I am going to show him this photo and ask him for his professional opinion of what the picture is saying to us. Will let you know.
        To answer your question – no, I don’t think we will ever know what happened to them, especially since cause of death could not be determined.
        The dog in the truck mystifies me also. Madyson without a doubt thought she was returning to that truck and her beloved pet. Were her parents so cruel as to leave the dog in the truck knowing they were not coming back to the truck?
        I don’t know.
        I would like answers. I like closure, but I do not think I will ever get closure.
        Now, don’t get me started on my theory about the McStays!
        My thoughts on that got me kicked off a site for “being a psychic”.
        Everyone be careful and be blessed.

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  6. Awesomely entertaining April. You covered all the bases. I’d like to think they’ll find them alive but all signs point to no. I am unfamiliar with this case and I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. It was a fascinating read.


  7. Who is Lucy? I read that in the update but I didn’t realize it was known who Lucy was. I thought it was just something the little girl “told her psychically” that didn’t yet have any context. ???


  8. April~ Regarding the timing and the McStay’s…Exactly what I thought! I’d say it was very coincidental but then, I don’t believe in coincidence. Even my teen-age daughter, when I called her in to show her the headlines said, “I think they just want these stories to go away…” BTW; what did happen to the $30 + grand? Was it handed over to the next of kin? I was always curious about that. It was almost as if the $32K was a pay-off in itself.


    • That is quite an odd coincidence. And if the area was previously searched back when they went missing why wouldn’t have the bodies been found then? Something isn’t adding up here.


      • I agree with you 100%! The search and rescue team had to of walked right over them if they have been there this whole time… It just doesn’t make any sense to me! And the fact that they were discovered 2 days after the McStay family was discovered boggles my mind…


  9. According to (Oklahoma) human remains have been discovered and are believed to be that of the Jamison family. They were found a few miles from the original crime scene by deer hunters. as far as i know, they have not released a cause of death. the site says “OSBI says it will be some time before DNA tests can confirm if the remains are those of the Jamison family or if they belong to others, which would unlock another mystery.” It’s still a bit to soon to say for certain, but it looks like our worst fears for the Jamisons may be true.


  10. Very interesting article.. As we all know now the Mcstays have been found.. But not alive. As far as this case, I believe with all the paranoid activity with the family. I think they were both on drugs and it was a drug deal gone bad or they owed someone money. Very strange case but as bad as I hate to say it , I don’t believe this family will be found alive.


    • It was reported that there was a gun found in their truck. But… I’m not a journalist, just a blogger, and I certainly do not have access to police files. What I wrote is just a compilation of research I did online on this case.


  11. Can’t believe you would ruin your entire (well-thought-out) post by adding that psychic bullshit at the end…

    Very interesting case, however.


  12. I live in OKC and I’ve been following the story since it happened and I still can’t wrap my head around the entire situation. It just doesn’t add up. It seemed as though the family set out to purchase land, I assume the got their money from either diligent saving or a real lucky streak at a local casino. some have said drugs, but I have serious doubts. According to the detectives there is no evidence to drug sales nor drug use in the Jamison case. No one seemed to know they had the $32,000 to begin with, so if this had anything to do with witness protection, why leave copious amounts of money behind no one knew they had? That detail drew a lot of extra attention to this case, and that kind of attention isn’t something the program would want. Leaving behind the phones and truck I could understand, but why the money? Why the dog? Why their coats? that week of October was cold, in fact according to the national weather service “October 2009 was one of the wettest and coldest Octobers across eastern OK”. Furthermore, why pull over for directions? If a marshal was going to have you meet at a location, wouldn’t he have given you explicit instructions to insure you safely reached your meeting place? It seems a lot more likely that they met a foul end. It would be nice to believe they skipped off to a new life, but it seems unlikely.


  13. Glad to see someone finally blogging about this very curious case. In regards to the witness protection theory: by definition to qualify for witness protection, a person must be under live threat by a high-value target of a criminal investigation and also trials are public, so you’d think after 4 years their testimonies would appear in an open court. And as for the $32.000 – I believe that was approximately one-half of the settlement Bobby received for his accident. Although, the fact they are not listed on the FBI list of missing person(s) would suggest that the FBI has conclusive evidence that hasn’t been disclosed publicly that the Jamison family left on their own accordance, but leaving behind $32,000 does contradict any voluntary disappearance, but saying that carrying a large amount of cash, say, I don’t know.. going into Mexico will raise questions, so you can see why they would leave it behind. I think the fact that the FBI closed the case after 60 days is a good indication that they are alive and it would explain why their is no reward for their safe return


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  15. Hi ! I have just watched the ID Channels “Disappeared” programme which featured the Jamison family. I wanted to know of any updates so searched and found your page. I’m somewhat happy to see other people have an interest in finding missing people / searching / helping / or just having them in your thoughts. As a person who suffers from mental illness, I know only too well the stigma attached and how easily people judge on a persons conditions. All I really want to say is that I hope if the family are alive, and “hiding” on their own accord, that they are happy and healthy, and if they are unfortunate to have succumb to one of the many death theories, may they rest in peace. I hope one day their loved ones will get some closure. xxxx


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  17. I doubt any of the psychics are real psychics but know where the scammers flee to-Mexico-and how the monies are funneled. They call it their dreams, but everyone knows the drills.

    If they were obsessed with death, that’s natural because the statewide goal is to keep everyone squalling about something so they can get more psychobabble funding to squall some more.

    Gloom and doom. Check out the podunders conspiracy blogs for a taste of the mentality.


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  19. great stuff, except for the “could of”s and “should of”s…. they really hurt!!! (just in case… it should be “should have” or “should’ve”, likewise for could)


  20. Thank you for sharing superb informations. Your website is very cool. I’m impressed by the details that youve on this blog. It reveals how nicely you perceive this subject. Bookmarked this website page, will come back for more articles. You, my pal, ROCK! I found simply the information I already searched all over the place and simply could not come across. What an ideal website.


  21. There is no way that family would have locked the family dog in the car like that to die! They would have atleast left windows open enough to get air. Plus, knowing the dog would need to go to the bathroom? It doesn’t make sense. Someone knew of their trek up there or possibly followed them at an unnoticeable distance. I suspect the man who worked for them. He possibly wanted serious revenge.
    The money wasnt taken because the person(s) that killed or kidnapped them never knew of the money.
    The picture on the phone of their little girl is unnatural & that is fear on her face & she is in the midst of speaking a word. Perhaps a speech professional would know ??
    This is just one of the saddest stories I’ve heard.
    It reminds me of the California family of 3 that disappeared also. Any connections?


    • It reminds me a lot of the Mcstay family too, and like the Jamisons’, their dogs were also left behind to fend for themselves.

      Madyson’s face does look unnatural in the cell phone picture. However, her parents had her walking around on the mountains all day and her face could be showing her exhaustion. -Kinda like, are we done yet? So while it is suspicious, I believe that her mother took that picture of her. Not sure why a kidnapper would do so. If they were kidnapped I believe it would of been a quick, swift motion.


      • Also something interesting, I just found out there was a third family that went missing under the same strange sort of circumstances around the same time as these two families named the Szczepanik’s from Omaha Nebraska. I literally just heard of them today and I want to find out more about their story.

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    • I don’t know if there is any connection to the McStay family that also went missing, but the McStay family’s remains were just very recently found. So sad.


  22. I am under the impression they fell in with the “charity drive” that operates within the state. The picture of the girl tells me she is looking at perhaps her mother who is making her do some “Indian” type thing and the cash left behind in an old bank bag is an indication of where some of these type activities have been funneled through. The picture next to an oil well is also indicative of who, how and why they target.

    Someone got wind of a drug drop and used these people to get a “charity” to do their work. She was mentally ill and easily influenced. The little girl is where the money is.

    In Oklahoma the police try to force the citizens into doing their jobs for them.If not the citizens, then they unleash the “journalists” to do their job for them. They stalk people for their causes and fake charities often breaking and entering and threatening people.

    Kidnapping and murder is their main industry. It’s not only intriguing, but also lucrative in the quest to play mafia and not look like a bunch of lazy dumbazzes. That area is poor so they aren’t as smart as these college educated “English” majors that hope to capitalize off their misfortune.


    • I’m sorry I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way but what are you talking about? In the sense that I am not from OK and don’t understand some of the things you are referencing but I am interested in what you have to say. Also what about “Indian stuff” and how is it tied in? I know Sherrilyn was said to have boasted about having a Native American bloodline. Also, in case it had not been mentioned before, for everyone’s information in general, I heard the large some of $ was from Bobby Dale’s disability back pay. If for example it takes 3 years for your disability to get approved, when you do finally get approved they pay you for most of the time you were waiting without assistance. The fact that the money wasn’t in the bank where you would expect it to be makes sense in a way because after a certain amount of time, if you have over a certain dollar amount still left from your back pay it is seen as an asset and used against you as far as getting help with your medical etc. Plus they were looking at buying land probably with these funds. Just throwing it out there. Still doesn’t explain it being in the car instead of a safe at home or at least a safe hidden place at home.


      • Unless, he was convinced by conspiracy theorists the banks were going to fold-common ploy-he would have taken it out of the bank. Perhaps it wasn’t his money as it was reported they had none.

        If you read, there are all kinds of people embarking on endeavors to “teach” their survival methods learned in the military. One of those methods depends upon depriving others of worldly possessions in lieu of a new “philosophy.”

        They can change their mind-and attitude-quicker than a maniacal bi-polar.

        Almost like erasing posts and re-editing…just to keep people honest like themselves.


    • I’m sorry, also what pictures are you referencing? I don’t see anything in pictures that looks like anyone is doing “Indian” stuff or anything with an oil rig? I’m sorry if I am being totally dense or overlooking the obvious. Thanks!


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