Book Review: Real Men Will, By Victoria Dahl


Real men will what? I’m still not sure… But what I am sure of, is how much I enjoyed this last book in the Donovan Brothers’ Brewery series.


Beth Cantrell, owner of the White Orchid sex shop has one passion filled night with Eric Donovan, the oldest of the Donovan siblings. Only problem is, he lied to her, telling her he was really his brother Jaime. Beth finds this out, and well… she isn’t so happy.

She busts into the Donovan Brewery, making a fool of herself, yelling and screaming at Eric. Jaime overhears all the commotion, and can’t believe his older, ‘more responsible’ brother would use his name for a one night stand. Eric manages to get not only Beth angry, but his brother Jaime too.

Seeing Beth again makes him want more. (I mean who could forget about a woman who wears the sexiest lingerie EVER, and has an unlimited supply of it! His favorites being her panties with the little ties on the side.) Unfortunately, Eric does not have Beth’s trust. However, even though Eric lied to her, Beth can’t help but to feel the same mutual attraction towards him.

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