Ghost Cat

I’m a strong believer in ghosts, apparitions, and the supernatural in general. I have never had a visit from a human ghost, but I do believe my beloved deceased cat, Autumn, comes to visit me and my husband from time to time.


There are many reports from people who have sensed in some way, (smelled, felt, heard, sometimes even seen), the ghost(s) of their deceased pets. I had such a strong bond with my cat Autumn, and now I have her daughter, and that is why I think she visits me from time to time. The first time it happened it scared me to death… I literally ran out of the room… Possibly my feet didn’t even touch the floor. Now when I have these other-worldly encounters, I enjoy it.

I felt her the most at my last apartment. For example, I would be in the kitchen preparing dinner, and I would feel the distinct feeling of a cat swirling around my legs, wrapping her tail around me and walking around me. Now, I have a cat, her daughter Madison, so I responded to who I thought was my cat Madison by stooping down to pet her… But guess what, there was no cat there. I walked into the next room, and there was Madison, curled up in a ball sleeping…

I have had this experience several times…

Autumn used to sleep on my feet at night, as does her daughter Madison. Again, in my last apartment I was half asleep when I felt the distinct feeling of a cat crawling into bed and resting on my feet. Being that this wasn’t unusual, I just rolled over to my side. -That is when I saw Madison sleeping on the pillow… I jumped up so fast and flipped on the light and to my AMAZEMENT I saw the round impression of what looked like a cat’s body on the exact spot where I felt a cat sleeping on my feet… This spooked me to say the very least… I didn’t get ANY sleep that night.


It isn’t just me having these encounters, my husband has several times also. One night he was in the kitchen getting something ready when I heard him talking to Madison, and then he screamed, and stormed into the living room where again, Madison was sleeping. He said to me, a bit exasperated, “Was she in here this whole time???!!!” I said, “What happened?!” His response was, “I felt Madison rubbing against my legs! But she wasn’t there!” And I said, very proudly, “YOU SEE!”


He has had several more similar experiences, and he hasn’t doubted me since…

I recently moved, and the ghostly cat encounters stopped and I actually missed them. What inspired me to write this blog was because a couple weeks ago I had another encounter with my ghostly visitor. My husband and I were downstairs in the finished basement, getting ready to watch a movie. Madison was downstairs with us but she was acting strangely. I kept trying to get her to come over with us to the other side but she stayed put, refusing to move. -This is very unlike her, she likes to be where ever we are. So finally I just gave up and walked over to the TV to put on the movie. While putting on the movie I felt that distinct cat walking in between my legs feeling. Happy that who I thought was Madison came over, I bent down to pet her and guess what…. NO CAT there. I jumped back, turned around and spotted Madison clear across the room. I announced to my husband, “Autumn is here!” We were both very happy that she decided to grace us with her presence.


There was a passage in the bible that was ripped out about how Jesus stumbled across people who were torturing a cat. (Cats are not mentioned in the bible because they were disliked by Israelites, (who were ruled by the Egyptians), and worshiped by the Egyptians.) Jesus asked them to stop, and said to the people who were torturing the cat, “Cats breathe eternal”, which means cats also have an afterlife.  I strongly believe that ALL living creatures have an afterlife.

Dogs, cats, and horses have been the most common apparitions that people have reported feeling, and even sometimes seeing. So why do they come back? I feel they come back to offer comfort. I have never felt threatened by Autumn when she visits me, spooked yes, but never threatened. When I pass away, (hopefully a very long time from now), I know Autumn will be there to greet me and we will be reunited.

That is a very good feeling.

autumn2  autumn

autumn3  R.I.P. lil one…


2 thoughts on “Ghost Cat

  1. Amazing! I just found this blog after googling ghost cat visits; I just had my first similar experience. I was upstairs squatting down, picking up a pile of laundry when I felt a cat tail slide across my back. “Hi girl!” I said and as I stood up, my cat was not there. I quickly walked downstairs and my cat was in a deep sleep on the couch. Holy smokes! It scared the crap out of me. But after finding your blog, I feel a little better. What a gift to have visits from your old cat!


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