AWRW Book Review: The Riding School (Pony Tales # 1), by C.P.Mandara

Me18282429et Jenny. She’s rich, spoiled, rude and obnoxious. She’s also just been signed up for the BDSM ride of her life – without her consent. An intensive training course at the Albrecht Stables is not what it appears to be and training to become a human pony was not on Jenny’s to-do list.

The trouble is, how do you escape when you’re tied up, gagged and constantly sexually aroused? Which Master or Mistress do you turn to for rescue? And what do you do if you suspect you might actually be enjoying yourself?

This is Jenny’s adventure into the world of BDSM and pony play. She’s about to find out just how much effort it takes to become a pony girl and that she has no choice but to excel in every aspect of her training or she may never stand a chance of being released from her bondage.

Book One features Jenny’s abrupt induction, where she finds herself being stripped naked, medically examined and intimately measured for her new uniform – as a pony girl.

Kindle Edition, 29 pages
Published August 1st 2013 by Chimera Books (first published April 23rd 2013)

Genre: BDSM, Erotica. Adult Fiction

What’s It About?

C.P. MandaraThe Riding School is a novella about a spoiled rich girl unwillingly thrust into the world of human pony play, and medical kink. To her complete surprise, she finds herself enjoying herself, and attracted to her Master. This read is XXX and not recommended for the prude, nor the faint of heart.

My Thoughts:

Her father sent her there? Just…. what?! WHY?!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure what kind of a father would send his daughter off to be trained as a human pony girl, but if you can get past that, there is even more in store for you… I’m talking forced gynecological exams, and “breaking in” sessions.

I hated that Jenny was, at first, an unwilling participant. Had she not have later enjoyed herself, this novella would have been a DNF, (did not finish). I cannot stand rape fantasy erotica!

humanponygirl“This was not a tack room for horses. All of the equipment had been designed with humans in mind!”

The novella, being very brief, didn’t give me a a chance to feel attached to the characters. Although why would I? The Author didn’t exactly paint them in a very favorable light! You’ve got spoiled rich girl Jenny who finds everything intolerably boring, her oil tycoon father who sends his daughter off to a BDSM hotel, Agnes and Henrietta, the old hags who “train” the slaved humans for Master of torture, Mark.

Need I say more?

“As of now you are an animal. There will be no speech, no clothes, and no conscious will of your own.”


I would recommend this novella to anyone who is interested in BDSM fiction, medical kink, human pony play, and erotica in general.

If you find the above genres titillating, you will enjoy the writing of C.P Mandera. 🙂


***In the interest of full disclosure, an e-copy of this novella was provided to me in exchange for a fair, thoughtful, and honest book review.


Purchase The Riding School (Pony Tales Book I), here!

About The Author:

C P MandaraChristina Mandara was born in the UK, but has spent most of her life travelling the world. She speaks three languages and has been chiefly employed in the fields of finance and travel. Her favourite city is Sydney and her favourite holiday destination is the south of France.

She loves keeping fit and enjoys running, cycling and water sports. No, not those kinds of water sports; think surfing or sailing. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy BDSM in all of its glorious forms, be that pony girls, bondage, edge play, orgasm denial or a damn good spanking. Her favourite item in the toy closet (a box simply isn’t big enough) is her riding crop.

In her spare time she’s usually cuddled up with a good book, exploring the countryside or baking in the kitchen. In fact, she loves her kitchen so much she’s one of few woman who wouldn’t mind being tied to it! Her first and foremost love is writing, however, and more often than not you’ll find her on a laptop spinning tales of romance, erotica or dark, paranormal fantasies.

Those in the BDSM world might wonder whether Ms Mandara is a top or a bottom. Is she currently training a herd of pony boys or is she stabled up, in full leather tack, with the pony girls? It’s a good question. Answers on a postcard please or try and figure it out yourself by visiting Ms Mandara’s blog:


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