Spring into Reading!


Today is the first day it actually feels like Spring. One of my favorite things to do is sit in a comfy lawn chair outside and read under the sun. I sooo look forward to doing this in my little backyard at my new house! I have a feeling I will be spending LOTS of time outside reading this Spring and Summer. My Mother-in-law told me she would be donating two Adirondack chairs to the cause! Yippee!!!!

woman-outside-reading-bookAnyways, I wanted to let my readers know that I have A Well Read Woman fan page on Facebook! Please take the time to head on over and Like my page! I would GREATLY appreciate the support!

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I post articles from this blog, and images to inspire your love of reading. My motto is that reading is sexy, and I like to highlight beautiful well-read women, tastefully.

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So tell me, my lovely, darling readers… where do you enjoy reading? Do you have a favorite spot?



11 thoughts on “Spring into Reading!

  1. You’re so lucky it actually feels like spring. Texas is being sucker-punched by Jack Frost yet AGAIN. I haven’t been able to read in my favorite reading spot recently. I used to read there with my kitty who just passed and it’s still heartbreaking for me. I might just have to find a new place!


    • U might think I’m nuts for saying this but maybe it would be nice to still read where you read with your kitty. I swear my cat still comes back to visit me. I can feel her walking around my legs, and I look down expecting to see my cat Madison and there is NO cat there, and I think OMG was that Autumn????


      • I would love it if that happened! She’s come to me once in a dream so far, just like her brother does, so I know she’s still with me. I might try that. I still get sad going into “her room” though.


        • I totally understand. I have moved several times and I swear she follows me. My husband has felt her too. It never scares me though, it makes me feel good to know that she is on the other side and doing well. 🙂


        • The only time I actually jumped and ran out of the room was when I was in bed and felt a cat curling up on my feet, looked down and saw an actual cat impression on the quilt o.O…. You have never seen someone move so fast in your life! LOL, I slept on the couch for the remainder of the night!!


    • Oh I know it! Once summer hits I get so wrapped up in reading that I come inside with terrible sunburn :(. OUCH!!!! And the humidity! Uggh forget it! Just gonna read in my new sunroom. 🙂


  2. I’m jealous. It’s still way too cold in south west Scotland to sit outside to read! When we do get some warm weather (for a few days in summer) I love to read in the garden. Forthe rest of the year, bed is the best place.


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