Book Review: In Retrospect, by Ellen Larson

retrospect (1)“You have to be willing to die to change history…”

It’s the 24th century, and Merit Rafi, a forensic Retrospecter, has been given the task to identify the murderer of Zane, a worthy general/hero, by going back in time. She came to Rasaka to strengthen the bonds between the Oku’s and the Raskan’s, through education and scientific exchange. Zane’s death gives them the opportunity to use the precious technology together, for the first time.

But there is one problem, all Merit ever wanted was to die fighting for her comrades for what she believed in. And now she finds herself facing the ultimate humiliation, to flex in the name of Rasaka, the people who had destroyed her world… and break the trust of everything she had been taught to believe.

In Retrospect, by Ellen Larson, was my first taste of Science Fiction. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it but I absolutely did, as is evident with my 5 star rating. The cover made no sense to me at first, but as I read the story, I understood what, rather who was on the cover. In retrospect, it made sense. 😉

I loved Merit. She was so sassy and cynical. Her witty comments had me laughing throughout. Merit was a strong female character, who any woman would like to see themselves as –if they were living vicariously through this book, (which of course I was).

The ending surprised me. I totally didn’t expect it! I had to reread a couple sections, as well as my personal notes, to make sure I grasped it correctly. And wow, what an ending it was! This is definitely a story I will be reading again! I’m sure the second time around will make it all the more interesting, knowing what I know now as to how it ended.

Overall, In Retrospect, by Ellen Larson is an excellent futuristic sci-fi mystery, with a bit of romance! I would recommend it to anyone who is fascinated by time travel, and enjoys a good mystery. In Retrospect does not disappoint! 5 Stars!

***I was fortunate to receive a signed hard copy of In Retrospect by participating in a contest. Thank you Ellen Larson!



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