The Well To Hell

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Well to Hell Well to Hell

Being that Mythic Well is a blog about the myths and legends that have inspired fantasy stories, I have chosen the legendary story of the Russian geological team who believed they struck hell while drilling a nine mile deep hole in an unnamed part of Siberia.

Yes, you read that right, they struck hell.

A team of Russian scientists, led by Mr. Azzacov, drilled a hole so deep into the earth’s crust that it entered an unexpected hollow cavity. Purportedly, the temperature reached a blazing hot 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! Curious, they lowered a heat tolerant microphone into the cavity and were shocked at what they heard before their microphone burned up; the voices of tortured souls screaming for help…

Terrified, these scientists believed they unleashed something evil onto earth.

Had these scientists really discovered hell? Or is this another urban legend?

Characteristic of other urban legends…

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