Book Review: I’ll Be Damned, (Book I of the Anna Wolfe Series), by Author Casey Keen

Ill_be_damnedcoverAnna Wolfe owns the local coffee shop, Deja Brew, and surrounds herself with family and friends who love and support her. On the outside, you could say she lives a normal life… But if you take a closer look, you would see her life consists of all things magic, which would be alright if Lucifer’s son wasn’t out to claim her as his own…

Now, Anna is mixed up in a love triangle between a wolf and a warlock, hiding from the devil himself who kidnapped her sister, and she has to go through supernatural boot camp to prepare herself for her 30th birthday –when her magic will cement itself. And she thought her biggest problem would be dealing with her other (annoying) bridezilla sister, and her upcoming wedding… Nope, afraid not. Her sister’s wedding demands are the least of her problems.

Anna is caught up in between a supernatural war. If she loses, she will become the bride of the devil’s son, Micah, and everyone she cares about will die at his hands.

I’ll Be Damned, (Book One of the Anna Wolfe Series), by Casey Keen, is a supernatural, paranormal fantasy, with a twist of romance! The characters are well developed, and I enjoyed Anna and her friends, especially Martello –who reminded me very much of Lafayette from HBO’s True Blood. 512-Lafayette-620x348I wondered as I was reading I’ll Be Damned, if Author Casey Keen modeled Martello after him. Either way, that is how I pictured him while reading. Shane’s character was lost on me, he just kind of disappeared, as well as Josh, who was mentioned in the beginning as Kristy’s “go to guy”. I’m curious to see if those characters come forward more in the next part of the Anna Wolfe Series.

I liked that Anna owned a coffee shop. I tend to gravitate towards stories where the protagonist owns either a coffee or bakery shop. One teeny tiny thing that bothered me about the shop was that it was run by two people, herself and her best friend Kristy. Their hours must of been killer… Anna closes the shop down to focus on what was going on in her “new” life, and Valen tells her he is going to “take care of her”. What about poor Kristy?! I noticed later it was mentioned that Kristy was working double shifts, but I didn’t know WHERE. Was the coffee shop reopened? Or is Kristy some kind of superwoman able to work multiple full-time jobs around the clock? Maybe I missed something, but it did make me go hmmmm as I was turning the pages.


There is so much to love about I’ll Be Damned. It combines witches, wolves, magic, and romance! Anna is feisty and headstrong, and I love that about her! The cover for the book is awesome. It is a book I would be proud to display on my bookshelf. When it ended, during a rather suspenseful moment, I yelled, “C’mon!” –I can’t wait to start the next book in the series!

4 Stars! I’ll be damned if you don’t enjoy I’ll Be Damned, by Casey Keen!!! 🙂

***I received an E-copy of I’ll Be Damned, by Casey Keen in exchange for a fair & honest review.***

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