Book Review: Trying Too Hard, by Molly Ann Wishlade

tryingtoohard1“T’es la plus belle dame pour moi!”

Henri, a handsome French rugby player, meets Catrin, an intern assigned to him in order to get him British sponsorship. Told to “take good care of Henri,” she sure does… and they begin a passionate love affair. But lust is dangerous, and the wave she is riding may drop her into shark infested waters.

“This wasn’t just about sex, or work, or living in between them. But it was something that she didn’t recognize, and couldn’t quite explain–not even to herself.”

Catrin is emotionally scarred, and deeply afraid of relying on any man, let alone Henri. She is absolutely terrified of needing him. When she is promoted at her job as an actual agent, she learns she will be losing Henri as a client. This is the perfect opportunity to break away from him, and clear her head. A nice, passionate, sexy goodbye, and she can be on with her life to focus on her career. Except, Henri doesn’t want to say goodbye…

It takes Catrin to see Henri in the tabloids with a beautiful model to realize she has made a huge mistake. But has she lost her chance, and her Henri, forever?

I loved this short story. It is full of erotica, lovable characters, and an interesting story about a young woman who WANTS to trust, despite her past, and a VERY patient man who stands by her. I think a lot of women can relate to Catrin, and would love to meet a man like Henri. I loved how he was French, and occasionally spoke French. That added to his sex appeal, for me anyways. 🙂

adrien(I’ve always found Adrien Brody to be a very good looking man. He looks French to me, but I could be waaaay off. Anyways, enjoy!) 😉

Catrin’s boss Liam, the Diva, was hilarious. I don’t know how Catrin had stayed an intern for him for two years. That man would of driven me to drink. But he was lovable, in his own way. Much like all of the characters.

It hasn’t registered with me what the title means, “Trying Too Hard.” I’m not sure who was trying too hard, unless it was Henri who had to be very patient with Catrin.

Overall, if you like erotica, you will enjoy this story. Lots of spicy sex scenes, as well as sweet, tender moments that will touch your heart. 5 stars! Trying Too Hard, by Molly Ann Wishlade is a winner!

***I received an e-copy of Trying To Hard, by the Author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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