AWRW Book Review: Her Favorite Hot Doc (Windy City Romance #3) by Barbara Lohr #MedicalRomance

herfavehotdocOne feisty midwife.

One Hot Doc with a secret.

One mission trip to Guatemala where there’s no place to hide.

McKenna Kirkpatrick presents a challenge for the head of her department when she joins Montclair Specialty Hospital. Ranked a Chicago Hot Doc, Logan Castle has a reason for supporting established protocols while McKenna pushes the envelope. She also likes to push his buttons. Thrown together on a department revamp, Hot Doc soon discovers that McKenna generates her own heat.

Has he ever met a woman this outrageous? Has she ever been this drawn to a colleague’s bedside manner? They may have grown up on opposite sides of the L tracks on Chicago’s West Side, but Logan’s like the chocolates hidden in McKenna’s desk, so hard to resist.

When her Hot Doc joins Midwives in Action for a summer mission trip to Guatemala, McKenna wonders if working together in the remote highlands of Central America will resolve their differences… or end the romance for the Windy City girl.

Her Favorite Hot Doc is the third book in the Windy City Romance series.

Paperback, 282 pages
Published April 29th 2014 by Purple Egret Press (first published April 28th 2014)
Genre: Medical Romance, Contemporary, Fiction

“After quaking with nervousness and holding him off for weeks, the country club doctor had inched his way into her Mckenna’s heart with small acts of kindness.”

Her Favorite Hot Doc was an enjoyable read with a delightful happily-ever-after that will tug at your heartstrings. With this novel, you get all of the excitement of a fast paced medical setting, including patients who have their own stories, and a slow-burning romance between a nurse practitioner/certified midwife, and a sexy obstetrician who Chicago Magazine has named one of the city’s ‘hot docs’. If you enjoy a good medical romance, Her Favorite Hot Doc fits the bill!

Mckenna is a strong independent woman, career minded, with an interest in alternative methods of caring for her patients. She is passionate about the benefits of water birthing, and when The Foundation offers to fund the OB department, she rallies for her cause in order to get what she wants.

Dr. Logan Castle  is impressively professional, and devastatingly handsome. He sees a different future for the OB department. He is interested in on-site radiology equipment for his patients.

Mckenna doesn’t want to go head to head with Dr. Castle for donor dollars, but if she has to, she will…

Despite budding feelings, Mckenna keeps Logan at an arm’s length, repeating the “bud-dy, bud-dy” mantra in her head. But when they travel to Guatemala on a mission trip, cramped quarters and admiration for each other’s professional skills make the inevitable, well, unavoidable.

Will the two come together despite their reservations, personal pasts and social differences? Or will Mckenna find herself repeating “bud-dy, bud-dy” every time she comes in contact with her favorite hot doc?

Read Her Favorite Hot Doc, to find out!

What I Loved: The main and secondary characters make this story, as well as the fast paced medical setting. -Particularly during their mission trip, where everything they are accustomed to is back in Chicago. Their struggles and professional manner made me like the pair even more.

What I Disliked: The story started off slow… It started off with some good action, ( a baby being delivered), but then it went into ‘shop talk’, and funding. (Snoooze) Fortunately, it picked up and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it once I got over that little hump.

Overall, I am rating Her Favorite Hot Doc 4 out of 5 Stars!

An e-copy of this novel was provided to me in exchange for a fair, honest, and thoughtful book review.

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About The Author:

Barbara LohrBarbara Lohr writes contemporary romance, both adult and young adult. A flair for fun and subtly sexy love scenes is her trademark.

During her early career teaching writing and lit, she also wrote theater and book reviews for a newspaper. When her career broadened to advertising and marketing, her love of literature and writing remained.

Her Windy City Romance series launched in 2013 with “Her Favorite Mistake,” followed by “Her Favorite Honeymoon,” “Her Favorite Hot Doc” and the Prequel, “Finding Southern Comfort.” In her work, feisty women take on hunky heroes and life’s issues. Family often figures in her work. “Every woman who falls in love is influenced by her family, either positive or negative.” Chocolate is her favorite food group, and great food often figures in her novels.

Barbara lives in the Midwest and the South with her hunky hero husband and a cat who insists he was Heathcliff in a former life. She invites readers to sign up for her newsletter: —Goodreads Author Bio


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