Caught in a Bad Romance…. When Book Covers Go Bad

I love romance novels, but I have read some doozies. Even worse, some of the covers… wretched. If you read romance I’m sure you have seen them yourself.

I have gathered up some bad romance covers, with the titles reworked to give you all a good laugh. Enjoy! πŸ˜€

a_weeA Wee Bit Lower, Lassy

“He couldn’t keep on a shirt, she couldn’t keep off her knees.”

Bahahahahaaa! Oh the romance!

Holy smokes, look at his face. Can you say GROUCH?! And the “heroine” looks like she has had her backbone removed. If this novel was the last one on the planet, I still wouldn’t pick it up.

lordofthehisyfitLord Of The Hissy Fit

I’d be a little testy too if I was standing without legs… Seriously, where are his legs?!

Kangaroo Gangbang

“A ‘Roo In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush.”

Ok, this one literally made meΒ LOL! Seriously, what is up with the frolicking voyeur kangaroos in the background?

Just disturbing.

Under The Houseboat Fire

Why is she wearing a gown underwater? The smoke from the houseboat must have made her deliriously romantic…

What Are You Laughing At, Bitch?

“He Was Clueless… and she knew it.”

I’m guessing she is laughing at this ridiculous book cover.

Do you judge a book by it’s cover? Would you pick up the above books to read? Let me know in the comment section below!


13 thoughts on “Caught in a Bad Romance…. When Book Covers Go Bad

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  2. I think the #1 reason why I almost never read romance is because of how unappealing the covers are to me. I know it’s totally shallow and the books might actually be really good…but I just can’t get past the covers.

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  3. As a book cover is the first point of contact with a potential reader, it is imperative it be impressive enough to make them pick it up. A romance novel cover often conjures up an imagine in the reader’s mind of what type of story it will be and therefore if the author can reach the reader with a cover that connects them to it’s theme, their curiosity will take care of the rest. For me a tacky cover like those you have chosen would be the first warning sign to steer clear as they are all way beyond bad. In fact they contain the cringe factor and speak volumes about the author.

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