AWRW Book Review: When They Weren’t Looking, by Zoe York

whentheywerentlookingShe’s not looking for love…

A girl can have just one night of fun, right? After years in a spirit-breaking former marriage, Evie needed to get her groove back. Cutting loose in the big city with no strings attached—no matter how cute her one night stand guy might be. Besides, she’ll never see him again once she goes home to Wardham.

…He’s not thinking about forever.

Liam knows showing up on her doorstep might throw Evie for a loop. But Wardham’s his new home now, and he just can’t get the sexy single mother out of his mind. A second date isn’t to much to ask, is it? Or a third, and a fourth!

It’s not what they expected. But it might turn out to be just what they need.
Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, though. Just when things are finally going right for Evie, two little lines on a pregnancy test change everything. Now she’s running scared, and Liam has to pull out all the stops to prove a family with her is everything he’s ever wanted.

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Third novel in the steamy Wardham series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Zoe York!


When They Weren’t Looking (Wardham #3)

Publication Date: February 9th, 2014,  ZoYo Press
AWRW Book Review:
“Deep down, she yearned for that passion. If she was really being honest with herself, what she really wanted was an awesome romp.”
Evie Calhoun takes a vacation in Toronto’s magical and sophisticated business district, away from Wardham, her abusive ex-husband, and her two beautiful boys who make her world right. While enjoying a fancy cocktail at the hotel bar,  a young handsome stranger buys her another drink. She throws caution to the wind, after all, she is on vacation…
“They were drunk enough to do something crazy.”
Her awesome fantasy becomes a terrible reality when eight hours of reckless pleasure results in a pregnancy… How is she to handle a newborn all on her own? And what will the people of Wardham, and even worse, her ex-husband, have to say about it?
Liam wants a second date with Evie, and a third, and fourth, but what will she think when he shows up in her hometown to buy rental property? Sure, Wardham is a far cry different from Toronto, but Liam knows he would enjoy the small town, and even more so, he wants to get to know Evie better. But was their physical relationship doomed from the start?
When Liam learns that Evie is pregnant, he can’t help but to be excited for their future. Evie thinks he is living in lala land, and she has some serious doubts. Evie keeps her heart guarded, as Liam steps up his game.
She’d set the rules, this was all they could have. It wasn’t enough, and they both knew it.”
He has 29 weeks  before the baby arrives. On top of his desire for her as a woman was a new layer of gratitude, she was going to bear his child! Some decisions are leaps of faith. Liam thinks of Evie as his woman, but now he just needs to get her on board…
When They Weren’t Looking, by Zoe York is a refreshing romance with a happily-ever-after! Liam personifies the term, “book boyfriend”, and is a breath of fresh air in a world full of Maury shows and DNA testing drama. The oh so lovable Liam will charm female readers everywhere!
When They Weren’t Looking is a story about love, new beginnings, and uninhibited sexuality. An erotic romance with substance, Zoe York doesn’t disappoint!
4 stars! 🙂
***I received a copy of When They Weren’t Looking by the Author in exchange for a fair, honest, and thoughtful review.
About The Author:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Zoe York is a busy working mom of two young boys, wife to a very understanding soldier, and creator of modern, sexy, small town contemporary romances. Her debut novel, What Once Was Perfect, started the popular Wardham series, and her first military romance, Fall Out, was released as part of the international bestselling SEALs of Summer super bundle.

She lives in London, Ontario and is currently chugging Americanos, wiping sticky fingers, and dreaming of heroes in and out of uniform.


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