The Addictive Blog Award: Why I Blog

I was kindly nominated for The Addictive Blog Award by sister book blogger, Brin, over at Brin’s Book Blog! Thank you so much Brin for your thoughtful nomination. I am flattered that you would find my blog “addictive”! 🙂 Brin blogs about great books, participates in book related challenges, and features Author spotlights, amongst other bookish […]

Book Review: Heir to the Sun

*** WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS *** Heir to the Sun, by Jennifer Allis Provost, is a romantic-fantasy about elves, faeries, demons, kings, queens, and even priestesses! King Sahlgren, the Faerie King, selfishly hands his faeries over to demons, in order to extend Parthalon’s borders. He essentially makes a deal with the devil, disregarding his own people […]