AWRW Character Interview: Wendi of Have You Seen This Girl? By Author Carissa Lynch @CarissaAnnLynch @LimitlessBooks

Have you ever read a book that stuck with you, long after you closed the book? Different things within the pages of a book stick with us… Sometimes it’s the setting, the plot, or the general message that makes a book unforgettable. Recently, I read a book by Author Carissa Ann Lynch, titled, Have You […]

AWRW Character Interview! Miriam, from No More Mulberries, by Mary Smith

After reading No More Mulberries, by Author Mary Smith, I wanted to get to know the central character, Miriam, better by interviewing her. 🙂 Set in Afghanistan, British-born Miriam finds her marriage to her Afghan doctor husband heading towards crisis. She has to journey into her past to understand how unresolved issues are damaging her […]