From #Blogger to #Author: How I Made the Leap

What a title huh?

So, I have amazing news. If you’re friends with me on Facebook or Twitter I’m sure you already know, but I’ve been accepted by an amazing publishing company, Wind Trail Publishing, and will be publishing my debut series SEASON OF THE WITCH, beginning with WINTER’S CURSE on 10/16!

You can like my Author page, here! Many thanks in advance!


In a nutshell, the book series, SEASON OF THE WITCH, is about immigrated witches who find refuge in America, where they escape from witch-hunters, but not from their otherworldy problems and personal teenage dramas. It’s a female-driven YA, in an Urban Fantasy setting, that leans on the Paranormal Romance genre a bit. This series was inspired in part by the Syrian refugee crisis and my love of  dark folklore.

Part of my publishing contract included expanding my presence on social media, including Instagram. You can follow my Instagram account, here! And guess what? Now, I’m INSTA-ADDICTED! Check out some of my posts:

IMG_20160328_143338WE THAT ARE LEFT, by Author Clare Clark (Women’s Fiction set in 1910)
IMG_20160328_150212CEMETERY TOURS BOOK 1, by Author Jacqueline E Smith (Contemporary Paranormal Romance Fiction)
IMG_20160329_134715Yellow Books! (A collection of suspense, mystery, romance, and chick lit)
IMG_20160323_114614ONE FATEFUL SUMMER, by Vanessa Star (Women’s Fiction, Summer Read)

“Hello, my name is April and I’m addicted to Instagram.”

So what does this mean for the blog? Absolutely nothing! I will continue to offer expedited book reviews, beta reads, book reviews, as well as other author services – perhaps at a slower pace, but A Well Read Woman Blog is still up and running and at your service!

Back to becoming a published author; this has been a dream of mine since I learned to write. My mother was always reading me stories and I liked to make stories up in my head. My father kept a book I wrote when I was really, really young (like seven years old, maybe?) This book was about our German Shepherd, Luke, and even back then, I understood the concept of world-building! It blows my mind. 🙂 I can remember making my friends write books with me at slumber parties, and laminating them with contact paper, (in middle school). In the sixth grade, upon noticing my friend had a computer, we sat down and wrote a really bad romance story. As a teenager, I wrote these really bad song lyrics. I had notebooks full of lyrics that I hid in my closet. Several years ago, I wrote an 80K romance/suspense that I queried to a dozen different publishers, but didn’t have luck with. – I still consider this experience valuable because it taught me a lot. Most importantly, I began this blog, read a ton of books, and made a lot of amazing connections. What’s the point of this long-winded paragraph? The point is, I never stopped writing. All these pieces finally came together, and I became an author!

I’m lucky because I’ve always had the support of people around me. My husband, parents, parents-in-law, sister, friends, and associates have always supported my writing. One time, someone told me I shouldn’t tell anyone I’m interested in becoming a published author, because, “what if it didn’t happen, and won’t you be embarrassed?”

Clearly, I didn’t listen to this person’s advice.

To me, it was easier to tell everyone before it happened, because when I announced that my dream became a reality, I already had the support. I didn’t need to hide behind a pen name, (not that that’s the reason people use pen names), nor have to explain HOW it happened. People already knew I’ve written all along. I wanted my accomplishment to be the surprise, not my writing in general.

Looking ahead, I’m super excited to release WINTER’S CURSE, in October of this year, and I can’t wait for people to read it! I’m looking for bloggers to take part in promos, cover reveals, and book reviews – preferably fans of young adult, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy fiction – so please, if you’re interested, let me know!

And if any authors have advice for me as a brand new author, I’m all ears.

Thank you for following A Well Read Woman Blog, and for supporting me as an Author!


26 thoughts on “From #Blogger to #Author: How I Made the Leap

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  3. I’m super excited for you, April, and so pleased. For sure I’ll host an interview with you to promote your book when it’s out. I’m now on a different shared blog, TakeFive Authors so when it’s my turn I can do something for you. I’ll pass on links to any other blogs which might be useful such as Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord blog as she is very supportive of new authors and promotes new releases.
    Keep us posted. I’ve already liked your Fb author page, of course.

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