Sleeping with a Serial Killer Makes You a Target… ★ Cover Reveal ★ Like Glass We Break: The Glass Series Book 2 ★ by Author Kari Fisher @KFisherAuthor @LimitlessBooks #TeamLimitless

Welcome all, to a cover reveal of Like Glass We Break, Book 2 of The Glass Series by Limitless Publishing Author Kari Fisher!


Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: December 29th!
Cover Designer: Redbird Designs
He’s more than the man she sees. He’s a killer…
Scott Reid wakes up in someone else’s house, thinking he belongs there. He believes Cora—the girl he took on a date last night—wanted him to stay. But when he walks downstairs, Cora doesn’t seem to agree. Terrified, she struggles to break free of the ties binding her wrists, shivering on the cold basement floor. Scott is tired of feeling used by women. He fits on a pair of gloves. It’s time to stop being used…
Scott Reid is handsome and charming—Renae’s idea of the perfect guy…
A young, urban professional at an accounting firm, Renae becomes infatuated with Scott. Her love life leaves much to be desired, but winning over Scott would certainly spice things up. There’s something mysterious about him. Something alluring. Except he seems more interested in her best friend, Sophie.
Who is the man behind the mask?
When Renae and Scott are sent on a business trip together, she’s determined to win him over. Infatuation turns to passion, and Scott proves to be the thrill she was hoping for. But when they return home, Renae stops hearing from Sophie. And when the police knock on her door, a more sinister motive to her friend’s disappearance is brought to light.
Is Scott Reid a charming coworker from accounting? 
Or a serial killer stalking his next victim?

About The Author

Kari Fisher
Kari Fisher is an author, poet and dog groomer who has made Northern Ontario her home. She is a fan of many different types of literature and music, and spends her days shaving dogs or writing while sipping coffee, which she is hopelessly addicted to. She holds a blue belt in Taekwondo and has run a marathon. Kari loves food, and so does her cat, NyQuil. On Facebook, you’ll often read her frustrating rants about how NyQuil has gotten into something again—last night he opened a kitchen cupboard and ate through a box of stovetop stuffing while Kari slept.

Kari was raised in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, and studied Psychology at Champlain Regional College in Sherbrooke, Quebec, before settling down in Northern Ontario, where she met her fiancé, Christian. In 2013, Kari and Christian welcomed a beautiful little girl named Milena. Milena loves books and bedtime stories already. In 2014, Kari self-published her debut novel, Through Glass, which is being re-released through Limitless Publishing.


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