AWRW Book Review: Out Of Your Mind, Garret’s Control (Book 2), by Diane Hernandez @AZRomanceWriter

GarretsControlDaisy’s decision to return to her home meant choosing Garret, and when he shows her physical love, she feels a connection she couldn’t imagine possible with any other man. When Daisy proclaims her love, Garret opens up about his anxieties, but warns her that he comes with rules.

Once Daisy learns his requirements for a committed relationship and the life she will have to surrender to, her depression resurfaces, and once again she feels isolated and alone. When Garret mistakes her aversion for his lifestyle for longing for Conner, he leaves the country and ends their relationship.

Garret returns to the states and their physical need for each other is undeniable. Garret’s sex helps Daisy emerge from her despair as Garret seeks help so that he can relinquish some of his control and give Daisy the life she deserves. But when Garret learns she has yet to sever her ties with Conner, Garret punishes her so severely that Daisy can no longer tolerate his dominant behavior, forcing him to once again leave the country.

With Garret gone, Daisy feels like her old self for the first time since leaving San Diego. But it doesn’t take long before she feels her depression, pulling her down even with Conner at her side. She longs for Garret’s touch, knowing it would make the dark thoughts and despair vanish, but she convinces herself that Conner is her future.

When Conner’s brother, Tristan drives a wedge between his brother and Daisy, Garret returns to save her and rekindle their love affair. However, Daisy’s depression makes that impossible.

Daisy begins to live her life independently as she fights to become well. Her mental health is her only priority and her loneliness is now her normal. When she receives a message from someone from her past, the possibility for a future with a loving family and happiness no longer seem unattainable. Years of reflection, medical care and self-analysis helps Daisy find the woman she always longed to become.

The conclusion of the Out of You Mind series will have you clutching your chest, hoping Daisy fights for her health and her happily ever after.

The Out of Your Mind series is meant for adults over 18 and contains graphic sex and adult situations.

Kindle Edition, 235 pages
Published August 24th 2015 by Erotic Romance Book Cafe
Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Social Issues

What’s It About?

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up working for Garret Brinkley let alone have a relationship with him. But here I am, still living in his maid’s quarters as he pays for my education and I take care of his needs. All of his needs… I am just not sure I can be the only one to love without getting it in return.”

Daisy chooses Garret, but not his lifestyle. His control over her consumes him, in the bedroom and otherwise. It is the only way he knows how to protect her… Daisy feels stuck. She desires Garret, but feels disgusted by him at the same time.

“Dominance isn’t a fetish or recreational hobby for Garret, it’s his life.”

This installment of the Out Of Your Mind series finds Daisy choosing Garret, rediscovering herself, and her sexuality. It contains graphic adult situations, BDSM sexual violence, and a satisfying, happily-ever-after. It is not meant for readers under the age of 18.

My Thoughts

This is the third novel I have read by Author Diane Hernandez, and I am becoming a huge fan of her writing. While Garret is a VERY difficult character to like, the author managed to weave a tale where in the end, you are happy for the couple’s reunion. I don’t know how she did that, because Garret was really getting on my nerves…

This erotic novel has strong central themes of BDSM, art, and mental illness. We learn why Garret behaves the way he does, in this installment. This revelation makes him slightly more likable.

So, is Garret a “book boyfriend”? Oh God, no… Not for me, anyways. Unless you are into the alpha-male, “dom” master type, then you will be saying, “Oh God, yes!” Different things appeal to different people. Garret certainly isn’t for everyone. 🙂

(Although, Garret does have his moments.)

I enjoyed this novel because the author paints a clear picture, and I felt like I was living in Daisy and Garret’s world. The author uses a lot of descriptions, regarding place, sights, smells, etc, and gets an A+ in world building. The conclusion was satisfying, and I was pleased to see Daisy and Garret get their happily-ever-after.

I would recommend this novel to fans of erotic romance, and BDSM, but please, read Daisy’s Choice first, as this novel cannot be read as a stand alone.

5 stars, or daisies in this case!

***I received an e-copy of this novel from the author, in exchange for a fair, thoughtful, and honest book review. This in no way swayed my opinion.***


Out Of Your Mind, Daisy’s Choice, Book 1


Out Of Your Mind, Garret’s Control, Book 2


About The Author

Diane HernandezDiane Hernandez was always aware of the voices in her head. But, it wasn’t until her nest emptied, and the harried frenzy of being a wife, mother and chef was replaced with a quiet calm, did she listen to them. Once she realized those voices were telling her tales of love and lust, she started writing down the super sexy and provocative stories. Now, she has decided to release them for your enjoyment. When Diane is not busy taking dictation from her subconscious, she is teaching culinary arts, cooking, reading, gardening, shopping on Zulily or watching Project Runway.



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