AWRW Book Review and #Giveaway: Daisy’s Choice (Out Of Your Mind Series, Book 1), by Author Diane Hernandez @AZRomanceWriter

25775971Though happy and carefree by nature, Daisy Fields is in a fragile state looking for stability and friendship when she moves to Solvang, California, hoping to find a fresh start.

Instead, she finds herself in the midst of an intoxicating physical attraction to her sexy new boss, the famous reclusive artist Garret Brinkley. Daisy tries hard to resist the magnetic pull she feels toward the mercurial artist because she knows his desires are purely sexual and he isn’t capable of a romantic loving relationship, but the explosive chemistry between them is too strong to ignore.

Still, Daisy must resist, and luckily finds companionship from Garret’s dog. The German shepherd, rapidly becomes Daisy’s new best friend, offering love and comfort to the lonesome girl since Garret is incapable of either.

When another man enters Daisy’s life, she feels a spark of hope for her future, only to discover Garret’s feelings go beyond physical need. It’s a tragic turn of events that forces Daisy to choose between the two men. However, her depression has darkened her spirit and joyful disposition to such lengths that she feels her choice isn’t which man to be with, but rather, if she should be at all.

Diane Hernandez’s latest novel gives readers a glimpse at blossoming love, growing through a foundation of anxiety and despair.

The Out of Your Mind series is meant for adults over 18 and contains adult situations, including graphically described sex.

Kindle Edition, 208 pages
Published June 21st 2015 by Erotic Romance Book Cafe
Genre: Erotic Romance, Provocative
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What’s It About?

Daisy is a woman down on her luck and starting her life over, when she meets artist extraordinare, Garret Brinkley. He hires her as his manager/personal assistant and liaison to art collectors who visit his art gallery, but it becomes clear that he wants more from Daisy.

Daisy thought working for Garret would be a dream come true; she has a beautiful home to live in, and gets to discuss art with customers. Except Garret is a tyrannical, mentally unstable boss who makes inappropriate and unprofessional sexual advances toward her, and won’t allow her to have a personal life. She doesn’t understand why the man who humiliates her daily has her paralyzed with sexual desire.

Caring for Garret is just too hard, and when she decides to move on to another love interest, Garret surprises her… Is it possible that he actually cares for Daisy?

My Thoughts

This novel reminded me a lot of The Naked Chef, by Diane Hernandez. It starts with a woman who is down on her luck, who meets a rich man who offers her a job. With the exception of that, The Naked Chef and Daisy’s Choice are nothing alike.

Garret suffers from social anxiety and has a hard time connecting with people. He doesn’t “need people”, and is incapable of love, while Daisy is the complete opposite. There were times where Garret’s actions horrified me, and I wanted to yell at my book, “Daisy, get out! Run, fast!”

(And yes, I did picture him as Aleida Diaz’s boyfriend, from Orange Is The New Black.)

The writing is excellent. Author Diane Hernandez has a talent for world building, as I felt present in the moment of the story. The author explained situations well.

My favorite character was Daisy. I just wanted to wrap her up in a big, protective hug. The author couldn’t have possibly created a more sympathetic character than Daisy Fields. -(Yes, her name is “Daisy Fields” 🙂 ) I also liked that the POV was through her.

My favorite scene was with Daisy and the surfers, when she receives a phone call and she is drunk/stoned out of her mind. Her phone conversation cracked me up and was right on! I don’t want to give away too much, but that whole scene was my favorite from the story, and made me have second thoughts.

Towards the end I noticed Garret cracking his hard shell a little bit. I’m curious to see if Daisy is able to change him in book 2. I think that would be a wonderful change.

And the choice Daisy made? Whoa… Didn’t see that coming and I’m not sure what I think of it. I look forward to Garret’s Control, Out Of Your Mind Book 2!

5 Daises! 🙂

***In the interest of full disclosure, an e-copy of Daisy’s Choice, Out Of Your Mind Book 1, was provided to me in exchange for a fair, thoughtful, and honest book review.


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About Garret’s Control

Daisy’s decision to return to her home meant choosing Garret, and when he shows her physical love, she feels a connection she couldn’t imagine possible with any other man.

When Daisy proclaims her love, Garret opens up about his anxieties, but warns her that he comes with rules. Once Daisy learns his requirements for a committed relationship and the life she will have to surrender to, her depression resurfaces, and once again she feels isolated and alone. When Garret mistakes her aversion for his lifestyle for longing for Conner, he leaves the country and ends their relationship.

Garret returns to the states and their physical need for each other is undeniable. Garret’s sex helps Daisy emerge from her despair as Garret seeks help so that he can relinquish some of his control and give Daisy the life she deserves. But when Garret learns she has yet to sever her ties with Conner, Garret punishes her so severely that Daisy can no longer tolerate his dominant behavior, forcing him to once again leave the country.

With Garret gone, Daisy feels like her old self for the first time since leaving San Diego. But it doesn’t take long before she feels her depression, pulling her down even with Conner at her side. She longs for Garret’s touch, knowing it would make the dark thoughts and despair vanish, but she convinces herself that Conner is her future.

When Conner’s brother, Tristan drives a wedge between his brother and Daisy, Garret returns to save her and rekindle their love affair. However, Daisy’s depression makes that impossible.

Daisy begins to live her life independently as she fights to become well. Her mental health is her only priority and her loneliness is now her normal. When she receives a message from someone from her past, the possibility for a future with a loving family and happiness no longer seem unattainable. Years of reflection, medical care and self-analysis helps Daisy find the woman she always longed to become.

The conclusion of the Out of You Mind series will have you clutching your chest, hoping Daisy fights for her health and her happily ever after.

The Out of Your Mind series is meant for adults over 18 and contains graphic sex and adult situations.


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