Marketing: The Good, the Bad, The Swag

Authors & Bloggers: Check out Author Jennifer Allis Provost’s marketing advice! The Good, The Bad, The Swag!

As some of you may know, in addition to writing I offer freelance marketing and editing services. (Want to check out my rates? Look here.) Today, let’s talk about one of the most common marketing questions I get: what kind of swag should I order?

For those new to the publicity-sphere, swag is a catchall phrase for promo material intended to increase your brand awareness, such as bookmarks bearing an author’s latest release, t-shirts with logos emblazoned across them, even those tire pressure gauges from your auto insurance company. You know, the fun little doodads given away at trade shows and conferences. Admit it, you know you love ’em.

Since most of my client’s are writers, I usually deal with book related swag: bookmarks, postcards, posters, etc. While there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with offering any of these, bear in mind that EVERY OTHER AUTHOR has bookmarks, postcards, etc. If…

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8 thoughts on “Marketing: The Good, the Bad, The Swag

    • *Still thinking* I asked Jenn (the author/blogger who wrote the post what she thought too. I remember there being different foods/meals. Just thinking, Miriam’s Naan Bread Recipe, or different foods. I know I was interested in trying some of the afghan foods that were mentioned. That might be kinda neat on a bookmark. Or, and still just thinking so if it sounds stupid forgive me: I know mulberries are sold roadside in tin buckets, right? What if you had a charm made with a little bucket that had mulberries in it. You know like those pandora charms? And another charm could have the book cover, etc…. She was a midwife, so something medical. *brain mush at this point* lol

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      • Thanks for the ideas. I like the idea of a mulberry bucket. Mulberries on a bookmark would look good, though as the post said everyone does bookmarks so I’d like to have something different. A recipe could work. I could do two or three differnt ones on postcards with the book cover and info on the other side. Keep thinking!

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    • Hi Mary, here are some of Jenn’s ideas:
      “Ooo, she could do lots of things…Did you know that Margaret means pearl? Maybe something with a freshwater pearl could be a grand prize. Since Miriam is Scottish, maybe use something to evoke Scotland. Since my mind is always on food, how about shortbread? You can get custom-printed packages of cookies (no, I have no idea how much that would be. Probably less than pearls.) Or, since she’s in the Middle East now, maybe something that blends the two cultures…I don’t know that much about Afghanistan, so I’d have to research that a bit more :)”


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