Author Katie O’ Rourke’s Book Club #Contest! @KatieORourke78

Hi Bookworms! I have some news that will brighten up your Monday. 🙂 facebook

Do you belong to a book club? Women’s Fiction Author, Katie O’ Rourke, is having a fun contest and whoever wins gets free copies of her latest book, A Long Thaw, for every member of their club!

Here are the details of the book: 

Cousins Abby and Juliet were born into one big, close family. But when Juliet’s parents divorce, it tears the family apart and sends the girls in very different directions.

Juliet grows up too quickly, forced to be responsible for her younger sisters as well as an alcoholic, single mother. Abby grows up a pampered, sheltered only child.

As women, they try to mend the rift and come to terms with the way their shared history connects them, in spite of the years apart.

Told in alternating narrative, A Long Thaw explores how the two women are shaped by the traumas and triumphs of childhood. It’s a story about the power of secrets and the unbreakable bonds of family.

Does A Long Thaw sound like a book that your club would be interested in reading? If so, let’s proceed and I will give you the contest details! 🙂

Here is the question you have to answer: Why do you love your book club?

Please comment in the comment section on this post, or leave a comment on Facebook, or Tweet me on Twitter @AprilLWood or the Author @KatieORourke78 .

That’s it! Simple enough! Winners will be chosen by the Author based on her favorite answer, so get creative!

For more information, check out Katie’s blog post, here!

I wish everyone good luck! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Author Katie O’ Rourke’s Book Club #Contest! @KatieORourke78

  1. Well, I’m not currently in a real world book club. I was in one for sci-fi and fantasy but we disbanded a little over a year ago because attendance had waned.

    What I liked about going was getting book recommendations from other people and having a conversation about what we did or didn’t like about the books. There were some books I didn’t like but others loved and it was interesting to hear what about each book appealed to them. It didn’t make me a bigger fan, mind you, but I could appreciate where they were coming from and see why they liked the book. I also enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for certain books with others.

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