AWRW Book Blast: The Black Swan Inheritance, by Author Marigold Deidre Dicer #SALE!

The Black Swan Inheritance, by Author Marigold Deidre Dicer, Now on SALE!!

The Black Swan Inheritance Final Cover

The Black Swan is native to Australia, unrelated to the pure White Swan of Europe. She is found in the strangest of places – from ugly mines to ordered farmland, beautiful bush to battered beach.

Yet, she always shies away from humanity.
The Black Swan is always beautiful, surprisingly resilient and very, very powerful. Most Black Swans are wise enough not to use that power to challenge the status quo.


Anita had the kind of reputation in high school that no one wants to carry into adulthood, especially since she wants to be a doctor like her dad. Now at university, she is determined to be good, but one little end-of-semester celebration can’t hurt, right?

Well it can if she ends up having a one-night stand with a werewolf that triggers a dark awakening. Turns out Anita’s over-active libido isn’t just hormonal – it’s magical.

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The Black Swan is a powerful legacy that brings both temptation and danger. Having now inherited the title and all that comes with it, Anita finds herself beset upon by ancient abominations that won’t take no for an answer. No wonder the Black Swan had been driven to seclusion and banishment in the past. But Anita is determined not to run away – she is here to help, whether the medieval dragon-wolf or the undead cultists want it or not.

She will be no one’s pawn. She will rise to the challenge.

If she can just manage to deal with her own flaws first. Anxiety, panic-attacks, and bouts of bitchiness does not a diplomat make.

Book Details:

Genre: Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy

Pages: 236

Published: November 2014 by Smashwords Edition


What others had to say about The Black Swan Inheritance!

“Marigold Dicer has beautifully woven together a masterpiece that readers won’t want to let go of…The Black Inheritance is a must read novel! I loved following Anita’s journey and growth as a strong character. Her world, thoughts, and actions became my own as I was lured deep into the plot. A well written story that is one readers everywhere won’t want to miss out on reading. A compelling and intriguing novel that will hook readers in from the beginning to the very end. Marigold Dicer has a talent of bringing her characters and new world alive for us readers.” —Danielle Urban

“The Black Swan Inheritance is a great read for paranormal and/or new adult fans. Also an interesting read for those who read their fair share of vampire stories, witches and urban fantasy in general.” — Karen

“It’s a very interesting and entertaining book, it kept me turning the pages, and I couldn’t put it down. The character Anita is telling the story, and I felt like she was telling this story directly to me, like we were close friends. I like this style used by the author, making me directly involved with the story.” —Elizabeth

Treat yourself today to a paranormal fantasy! But hurry, The Black Swan Inheritance is on sale for a limited time!!

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About The Author of The Black Swan Inheritance:

Marigold Deidre Dicer is my pen name.

Marigold: For all the beautiful things I love.

Deidre: For the old soul who resides within me.

Dicer: For my love of stylized violence. Yep.

I’m an Australian writer living in Brisbane, Queensland. I like to  explore things in my writing that I would, quite frankly, never do in  real life. Some of things my characters say and think I agree with, and some I don’t. Therefore, I try to make them as much into real individuals as possible.

Personal Links:

Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads


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