AWRW Book Review: Stranger At Sunset, by Eden Baylee

Vacation can be a killer.

Dr. strangeratsunsetKate Hampton, a respected psychiatrist, gathers with a group of strangers at her favorite travel spot, Sunset Villa in Jamaica. Included in the mix are friends of the owners, a businessman with dubious credentials, and a couple who won the trip from a TV game show.

It is January 2013, following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The luxury resort is struggling, not from the storm, but due to a scathing review from caustic travel writer, Matthew Kane. The owners have invited him back with hopes he will pen a more favorable review to restore their reputation.

Even though she is haunted by her own demons, Kate feels compelled to help. She sets out to discover the motivation behind Kane’s vitriol. Used to getting what he wants, has the reviewer met his match in Kate? Or has she met hers?

Stranger at Sunset is a slow-burning mystery/thriller as seen through the eyes of different narrators, each with their own murky sense of justice. As Kate’s own psychological past begins to unravel, a mysterious stranger at Sunset may be the only one who can save her.

Paperback, 348 pages
Published September 14th 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (first published June 22nd 2014)
Genre: Psychological Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, Fiction

My Thoughts:

Stranger at Sunset was inspired by the Author’s trip to Jamaica. It is the first in a series, yet to be penned/released. After reading this story, I am interested in the rest of the series and look forward to their release!

This story is told by multiple points of view, and while I thought in the beginning that it was Kate’s story, it really wasn’t. Strangers At Sunset is the story of not only Kate, the respected psychiatrist with an eidetic memory, but the story of Anna and Nolan Pearson; the owners of Sunset Villa, and Jessica and Rob; the lucky winners of The Price is Right game show, and Adam; the egocentric businessman who claims he knows the secrets of being an alpha male, and of course Matthew Kane; the reviewer with a host of allergies and endless demands. Other characters worthy of a mention: Harrison; the bartender and loyal employee, Nadine; Anna and Nolan’s friend, Greg and Tom; married and owners of the OMG fashion line, Violet; the resort’s chef extraordinaire.

Multiple narratives tend to be confusing in stories, and at times it was. Like I said earlier, I wasn’t sure whose story Stranger At Sunset was. Even so, I enjoyed spending some time in each character’s head, and I felt I got a better understanding of why each character acted as they did. Even with Matthew Kane, who the Author painted as a very unsympathetic character.

I absolutely loved the prologue. The narrative intrigued me even though I didn’t know what was going on, until the end when it all made sense.  I got through 80% in one sitting and then finally forced myself to put it down till the next day. This novel had me wondering, what is going to happen next? Like I said, it was hard to put down once I got into it.

What Is It About?

Stranger At Sunset is a psychological suspense about two resort owners who invite back a reviewer who slammed their beloved resort, in hopes of changing his mind, and getting him to change his negative review into a positive one. They invite their friends along, for moral support. Included in the group, a troubled psychiatrist. What happens by the end of the week could determine the future of Sunset Villa.

What I Loved:

The characters were amazing, dynamic, and I wanted to get to know them better which was accomplished though multiple POVs. (Even though the multiple narratives made me nutty at times).

There were so many things to love about this novel, including the unique story itself. I haven’t read a novel quite like this before, so it was a refreshing change of pace!

The slow burning suspense made this book hard to put down. Strangers At Sunset is a book that can easily be finished in one sitting.

What I Disliked: (Warning Spoilers)

The author strayed away from the plot a few times, and I was expecting/hoping the loose ends would be tied up in the end regarding Jessica and Rob; whatever happened to them? Also, Kate’s photographic memory and PTSD symptoms (her insane confrontation with her Father in the end made me think SHE should be the one seeing a psychiatrist because she came off as a mental patient), and most importantly and without destroying the mystery, I am asking WHY? What was the motive behind it all?

Based on everything I mentioned above, I’m curious if the story continues in in the next book.

With a setting like Jamaica, I wished I felt transported there. The vacationers spent little time at the beach, and lots of time at the hotel.


I believe so many people could enjoy this novel, specifically fans of mysteries who enjoy a good psychological suspense! If my review piqued your curiosity, don’t just add this novel to your TBR list and forget about it! Purchase it, today!!

Amazon US / UK Best Seller 
International Mystery and Crime
– Literary Fiction – Psychological
– Crime Fiction – Murder

***I was provided with a complimentary copy of Strangers At Sunset, by the Author, in exchange for a fair, thoughtful and honest book review.

About The Author:

Eden BaEden Bayleeylee left a twenty-year banking career to write. Incorporating some of her favorite things such as travel, culture, and a deep curiosity for what turns people on, her brand of writing is sensual and literary.

She has written three collections of erotic novellas and flash fiction ~ SPRING INTO SUMMER, FALL INTO WINTER, and HOT FLASH.

On June 30, 2014, she released her first novel–a psychological mystery/thriller set in Jamaica called STRANGER AT SUNSET.

Eden loves hearing from readers, so connect to her via her website at and all her social networks.
–Goodreads Author Bio

I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys thrillers, and psychological suspense.


2 thoughts on “AWRW Book Review: Stranger At Sunset, by Eden Baylee

  1. April, thank you so much for your review and for posting it here and on Amazon. Your words mean a lot to me. It’s always good for me to know how readers perceive characters, and I appreciate honesty more than anything.

    I hope to have A FRAGILE TRUCE out this year to provide more about the history of Kate. She is a whacky woman, indeed, and I like where she takes me. 😉 I hope you will too.

    Thanks again,


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