Ten Problems That Only Book Nerd Girls Can Relate To #BookNerdGirlProblems

We all have our problems, but book nerd girls have their own special set of problems… You just might be a book nerd girl, if you can relate to the following scenarios:

1.) You have an epic meltdown when the movie adaptation of a book leaves out important parts of the story.

2.) You have, at one point in your life, dreamed of owning your own bookstore, or you do own your own bookstore.

3.) When reading, you figure something out before the character does, and you just want to scream at them, and/or toss your book out the nearest window.

4.) You get a book hangover, and have a difficult time getting into your next read, because you are still mentally in your last one.

5.) Your purse has to be big enough to hold the book you are currently reading.

6.) You stay up all night reading, with little to no respect for what you have going on the next morning.

7.) The agony you feel when the release date of the next book in the series is a year away.

8.) You have felt embarrassed when a character in a book does something awkward.

9.) You love the smell of a brand new book, more than any expensive perfume or cologne.


10.) And finally, you consider it a compliment to be called a “book nerd girl.” πŸ™‚


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