Beautiful Blogger Award: Featuring Seven of My Favorite Beautiful Blogs!

I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by sister book blogger Brin @ Brin’s Book Blog! Thank you, Brin! If books are your passion, then you NEED to check out Brin’s blog and hit the follow button so you can stay up to date with the books she features and blogs about. 🙂

1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

3. Nominate 7 (yes, only seven) other bloggers and say a little something about them.

I follow soooo many awesome blogs but I can only pick seven. I present to you my seven picks! : )

image1.) Blahpolar Diaries “Where folly holds her throne.”  I absolutely love this blog and I look forward to new posts in my reader from her.  She writes honestly and frequently about her bipolar disorder, the medication she takes, as well as providing the latest medical information that she finds from medical journals online.

I also have bipolar disorder, but I’m not as open about it as she is. This woman makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin, knowing that I’m not alone!

Paris Baker2.) Paris Baker’s Book Nook “Daydreamer, bookworm, writer.”

Paris has a beautiful blog where she (lately) features mostly women’s fiction/chick lit book reviews, and other genres, including fantasy and psychological suspense, too! She is a self-professed “nerd”, and is on her way to becoming an Author herself!

As a sister chick-lit blogger, I admire her blog and recommend others to visit her and check out her reviews!

The Cheap Reader 3.)  The Cheap Reader “A pseudo librarian’s thoughts on books.”

Alison is a bookworm who loves books so much that she not only blogs about them, she also works in a library! How great is that?! She loves to blog about young adult and middle grade books, and has an awesome feature on her blog called, “Behind The Blog”.

I bet you are wondering about “Behind The Blog“. 🙂 Well let me tell you, if you are a blogger you will want to know Alison. Alison interviews bloggers and blasts those interviews out on her blog and social media to all her followers. I suggest you follow her, today!

Stories Unfolded4.) Stories Unfolded “Book Reviews & Stories by Danielle”

Danielle loves to read, blog about what she reads, and writes stories of her own too! She is also the Social Media Chair for the Women’s National Book Association – Los Angeles Chapter! This woman knows books! In addition she also holds a bachelors AND a masters degree! Did I mention she is super smart?

Jacqueline E. Smith5.) A Platform of Sorts  

Jacqueline E Smith is one of my favorite Indie Authors and A Platform Of Sorts is her blog. She writes paranormal, new-adult books that feature lovable characters, ghosts, haunted houses, and even some romance! If you haven’t yet read The Cemetery Tours series, I would advise you to do so RIGHT NOW! (I gave both her books 5 star reviews and I do not do that often!) Her novels can be found on her Goodreads Author page, by clicking here.

Jackie is very open with her fans and shares her musings on life online. She is an amazing photographer, with a fondness for sunflowers. Mark my words, this woman will one day be a NYT Best Selling Author!

Parajunkee6.) Parajunkee’s View

Rachel Rivera is the QUEEN of book blogging! I greatly admire her blog because she features awesome content, and is all about helping her book blogging sisters out!

PJV not only features reviews, but book blogging tutorials, and helpful advice for fellow bloggers. If you do not know who this woman is, then you NEED to… NOW! Like I said, she is the Queen, and all….

7.) Bookaholic Confessions “Everything and anything bookish. Book review, news, author interviews, guest posts, and latest releases… ❤ ”

Holly is a bookaholic and library assistant who loves shoes ALMOST as much as she loves books! I love how she uses high heels instead of stars as a rating system! Her pretty in pink blog DEFINITELY deserves a beautiful blogger award!

Lately, Holly has been featuring lots of guest posts which are not only interesting, they are informative! Check out Holly’s well rounded book blog!

Please check out the above blogs and don’t forget to hit the FOLLOW button! There are so many beautiful blogs in the blogosphere, and I am happy to feature the above seven here at A Well Read Woman Blog!

I encourage the above seven to participate in this meme, but if you are “anti-blogger award”, please just take it as a compliment from me to you!

Thanks for visiting!


14 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award: Featuring Seven of My Favorite Beautiful Blogs!

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  2. Thank you so much for having me as one of your seven picks & for your lovely comments! (You’re right about loving shoes ALMOST as much as books…!)

    I love your blog so much & find myself visiting every day.Keeo up the fabulous work!

    Holly xx

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