AWRW Book Review: The Reconciliation (A Novella) Charles & Edward, Part II, by Beau Garcon De La Nuit


After the initial highs and lows of their extraordinary relationship, the two star crossed lovers from different ends of the social spectrum find themselves back in the throws of passion and love for each over.

Has Edward changed his ways? Is Charles still blinded by his hopeless infatuation with the beautiful Edward? In this new novella we learn what has happened to the two lovers and how their lives have changed during the intervening years.

Is there a happy ending? Or has nothing changed at all? All will be revealed in this new novella from Beau Garcon De La Nuit the exciting author of the original best seller Charles And Edward. . . .

Kindle Edition, 1st
Published April 26th 2014 by Universal London
Genre: M/M Romance

“I miss you so much Charles, I wish we were seeing each other still, my heart has a hole in it without having you in my life.”

The reconciliation between Charles and Edward begins with Edward begging Charles to accept him back. Charles, ever skeptical, believes that Edward may have a secret lover, and if so he feels that there is no room in Edward’s life for him…

But Edward is able to convince Charles that there is no one else, that he has matured, and then over time they slip back into each other’s lives as if there was never a break.

Soon again, Edward is making requests for expensive Gucci shoes, which makes you wonder… has he changed at all? And does he love Charles, or does he love Charles’s money?

The Reconciliation (A Novella) Charles and Edward Part 2 is the follow up story from Charles and Edward: A Modern Day Pretty Woman.  Like the first story, The Reconciliation is told in a series of emails between the two men.

Also, like the first book, the second has a cover that doesn’t reflect the story of a M/M romance between an elderly gentleman and a young, mixed race (black/white) man. This is a pet peeve of mine when the cover doesn’t reflect what is in between the pages of the book!

The ending really did surprise me. I wasn’t expecting such a turn of events! For fans of M/M romances with ‘happily ever afters’, this novella (best read after Charles and Edward: A Modern Day Pretty Woman) will delight and entertain!

This novella is not suited as a stand alone, and like I mentioned above, you really need to read the first book in the series to grasp the relationship between Charles and Edward.

Overall, I liked this story, and I am giving it 3 stars.

I would like to thank the Author for providing me with a complimentary copy of The Reconciliation in exchange for a thoughtful, honest, and fair book review.

About The Author:

Beau Garcon De La Nuit

Interview with the Author by Awesome Gang: (Where Awesome Readers Meet Awesome Writers):

At this time The Reconciliation isn’t for sale.

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