AWRW Book Review: Kick Start: Get Your Motor Running, by Paige Madison



For the first time ever, a steamy curvy girl romance novella has been created that allows actual readers to in reality visit in real time in real life, numerous multiple locations, throughout Los Angeles and Southern California as noted in the book. These places such as the Glendon Bar and Restaurant in the Westwood area of Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Pier are where characters in Madison’s book go to eat, shop, flirt, and play.

Included in the plot our romantic heroine Amanda while looking for romance, love, and hot sexy adventures in “all the wrong places” learns to become more of a femme fatale under the tutelage of her best friend and “Mexican-American fairy-Godmother” Rosa. All the while as they dine, shop, and have fun, throughout Southern California between sexual exploits and misadventures almost too hot to handle, much less detail here.

Additionally, our heroine learns with Rosa’s help (as do readers) useful and beneficial self-help tools listed throughout the novella such as, YouTube videos, books, and other information to help readers learn methods such as: how to prevent pregnancy using the super safe birth control system known as the Billings Rhythm Method, ways to pleasure their lovers using techniques taught by real life sex expert Lou Paget, as described in her book and so much more.

The plot revolves around our single and unattached female curvy sized heroine Amanda, who works for a motor-cycle dealership in West Los Angeles, California along with her best friend fellow employee Rosa. Rosa her “partner in crime” takes Amanda on this journey and special trek as super girly-girl and femme fatale Rosa encourages, teaches, leads and protects her friend Amanda as they move through their lives and experience some of the fun places in Southern California. Throughout Rosa dispenses wisdom and experience to teach her how to become the hot, sexy, curvy girl that she always dreamed of being. While the “new” Amanda (who hadn’t had a date in over a year) starts getting attention from men she never expected or thought possible after her make-over.

For readers who like the fact they can have their erotic romance, experience some of the unique venues of Southern California, and perhaps learn a few womanly “tricks of the female trade” so to speak will find this book a refreshing change of pace.

“We wanted readers who may live in or will be visiting Southern California and especially Los Angeles, the opportunity to go to actual existing locales where they could order off the menu the same food dishes, deserts, cocktails, enjoy shopping for clothes, make-up, perfume at discount, and even visit the exact by name fun places where our characters in this book series go,” explained Madison. “This further allows readers to use a method such as “Google Streetview” to observe, or “visit” the actual places and locations where our book characters spend their time, no matter where in the world readers live.”


Published August 1st 2014 by BookBaby
Genre: Erotic Romance

Amanda is an Irish American, plus-sized fluffy girl who loves her job working at a motorcycle dealership in L.A., California. She mostly likes her job because of all the delicious eye candy she gets to feast her eyes on, in the form of sexy gentlemen bikers who frequent the dealership.

Her friend and co-worker, Mexican American glam-girl Rosa, wants to make Amanda over from her head down to her heels, in an effort to get Amanda a man.

“Smart big girls don’t cry… they become ‘real’ women and get all the men they want… or the one man they want.”

Amanda becomes “Rosafied”, and just like magic, Men start to check her out. She boldly gives her number to a gentleman biker, and he takes her on a wild ride…

“But the biggest question was how wet would his motorcycle seat be by the time we got to the restaurant since I only had a thong on underneath my skirt and this motorcycle journey was sure to be a big turn on.”

What excited me about this novella is the ability to click on the text and visit the places Amanda does, virtually. Unfortunately, the review copy I received didn’t have this capability. I’m assuming the restaurants, etc highlighted in bold can all be clicked on a Kindle, or similar e-reader. My copy was a PDF file.

What I liked about Kick Start: Get Your Motor Running was that the author embraced the idea that big women are beautiful. She uses words like “fluffy”, and “curvy” to describe over-weight women. Many novels describe beautiful women as “lithe”, so this was a refreshing change because I agree that size doesn’t necessarily reflect beauty!

There was some book formatting issues that were a bit distracting, in regards to the dialogue. For example, instead of jumping to the next line when someone else was talking, the quotes between characters were within one paragraph. However, this may or may not have been exclusive to my review copy.

Also, I think the synopsis is longer than the book… *laughing*, and there is one line in it, “much less detail here”, that I think may have been an editor’s note!

Overall, I loved Amanda, and her erotic adventures, and appreciated the BBW theme of the book. I would read the second installment in the Get Your Motor Running series.

I was offered an e-copy of Kick Start: Get Your Motor Running in exchange for a fair, honest, and thoughtful book review.

Did my review about the sexual adventures of a BBW interest you? Purchase, here.

Check out Paige Madison’s Amazon Author Page, here.


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