The Addictive Blog Award: Why I Blog

I was kiaddictivendly nominated for The Addictive Blog Award by sister book blogBrin's Book Blogger, Brin, over at Brin’s Book Blog! Thank you so much Brin for your thoughtful nomination. I am flattered that you would find my blog “addictive”! 🙂

Brin blogs about great books, participates in book related challenges, and features Author spotlights, amongst other bookish things! If books are your passion, then Brin’s Book Blog is a site you NEED to visit, and become addicted to!

Here are the rules:

1.) Thank the person awarding you.

2.) Share a little bit about why you blog, and how the journey started.

3.) Paste the blog award on your page.

4.) Nominate ten other bloggers who you feel deserve the award.

Why I Blog:

I blog for fun, plain and simple. I enjoy writing, and reading, so I combined my two loves by writing about books. But, I didn’t begin this journey blogging about books.

Originally, my blog was titled “In Case You Were Wondering…” and I wrote about dream interpretation, missing persons (my post on the Jamison family continues to get the most hits), politics, and the occasional book review. An author friend of mine, Jennifer Allis Provost, suggested I narrow my blog down to book reviews. I kept her suggestion in the back of my mind, and eventually I made the switch. From there “In Case You Were Wondering…” became “A Well Read Woman”. I am very happy with the change!

In addition to being passionate about writing about books, I enjoy networking with Authors and other bloggers, conducting interviews, participating in bookish memes, and most importantly, all the awesome free books that I get to read in exchange for my opinions!

Pretty cool, right?

And now, I present to you the blogs that I am addicted to.

1.) Brin’s Book Blog

2.) So I Read This Book Today

3.) A Platform of Sorts

4.) BlahPolar Diaries

5.) Bookaholic Confessions

6.) The Cheap Reader

7.) Rudina HP

8.) That 1 Bookish Babe 

9.) Stephanie’s Book Reviews

10.) Bookshelf Fantasies


4 thoughts on “The Addictive Blog Award: Why I Blog

  1. Thank you so so much, I’m amazed..Being nominated by you (the one I adore) is really amazing..
    For the moment I’m very very busy with my work (end-year) and don’t have time for blogging unfortunately, but once I’ll be more free I will definitevly get back to your nomination.. Thanks again, you made my day 🙂


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