AWRW Book Review: Please, by Hazel Hughes

Small-town romance writer Elizabeth Holmes’ novels may be hot, but her love life is tepid at best. What else can you expect after fourteen years of marriage to a man whose idea of adventure is ordering a new dish at the Hunan Palace?

Then she meets Sebastian21943968 Faulkner.

Panther-lean with rock-star swagger and bedroom eyes, the young actor is breaking into Hollywood with the film adaptation of her first novel. When she meets him on-set in Manhattan, he makes it clear that what he really wants is to play the lead in her dirtiest fantasies. The sound of his wicked laugh makes her squirm in her Levis, but Elizabeth knows trouble when she sees it. Imperfect as her marriage may be, it’s not worth risking for a man who has a list of conquests literally tattooed on his body. Or is it?

When Sebastian asks her to spend his last day in the City together, promising not to touch her unless she begs for it, Elizabeth accepts, ignoring the shrill alarm bells ringing in her head.

Just one day. How hard can it be?

Elizabeth is about to find out…

Kindle Edition, 199 pages
Published March 12th 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance

Please: (verb) “To take only one’s own wishes into consideration in deciding how to act or proceed.”–The Free Dictionary

“Oh God, what have I done?”

Elizabeth’s debut novel, Habibi Baby, is about to be on the big screen, and she is going to New York with the glorified title of a “script supervisor.” She welcomes the escape from her ho-hum marriage of fourteen years, her live-in mother, and two children. What she wasn’t prepared for, her life playing out like the erotic romances she writes.

She meets actor Sebastian, who flirts with her mercilessly. She side steps his advances, but his attention is intoxicating. Elizabeth feels like a woman again… a desirable, wanted woman.

She throws caution to the wind, and her week in NYC turns into a whirlwind of sex, and a coerced tattoo. Her agent warns her about Sebastian… but he has become an addiction, and Elizabeth wants her fix.

“He will debase you. He will make you give up everything you love for him. And then, he will leave you.” 

Elizabeth doesn’t like the person she has become, without the restrictions of her small town life, and family obligations. She barely recognizes herself in the mirror. He pushes her further and further from her comfort zone, and he may just cost her not only her marriage and comfortable home life, but her career too…

“This is about to get messy, and for what? I don’t even really know you.”

She finally understands, but is it too late?

First of all, I am in utter shock that this novel hasn’t soared to the top of the charts. When I went to Goodreads to add my review, I was STUNNED that there was only one review left…. What the heck is up with that? You people don’t know what you are missing! So now I will make it my mission to put this novel in the hands of voracious erotic romance readers… because you all will not be disappointed!

Please, by Hazel Hughes has it all; scintillating sex, a hero who you will love to hate, and hate to love, and a woman who is, although an adulterer, so unbelievably sympathetic that you cannot help to love her as a character.

Hazel Hughes has crafted a story that will open your eyes to the aftermath of betrayal. Sometimes fantasy is best left as just that, fantasy. This story is about how one decision can change the course of your life, “for better or worse”.

What I Loved:

The cover is hot, hot, hot! I am a total fishnet freak. You should see my lingerie drawer! (Ok well, maybe you shouldn’t).

The pacing was perfect. Never a dull moment.

The story was unique.

The sex scenes were as hot as the cover.

What I disliked:

I felt the ending paled in comparison to the rest of the novel.

That it ended! Boo! I wish I could read this novel forever! 😉

I highly recommend this novel. 5 Stars!fivestars

***I was given an e-copy of Please by the Author in exchange for a fair, honest, and thoughtful book review.

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