AWRW Way Back Wednesday: All That Matters, by Stef Ann Holm

waybackwednesdayWay Back Wednesday is a Meme that I created with the aim to write mini book reviews on books I have read in the past, that left an impression on me.

You know what kind of books I am talking about…. The ones that you have read multiple times, and they still bring you nostalgia. Books like these are the reason you enjoy reading.

So grab that old-dusty-yet-loved-book off the shelf, glance it over, write a mini review and join in with me on Wednesdays! EVERYONE is welcome to participate.

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Today’s Way Back Wednesday post is dedicated to the novel All That Matters, by Author Stef Ann Holm.

3558873When a megastore grocery chain threatens to shut down the new boutique bakery Chloe Lawson’s worked so hard to establish, she’s furious. Her life may not be picture-perfect, but her custom cakes and pastries are becoming the talk of Boise, and she’d like to keep it that way. 

Chloe needs a champion, and handsome, widowed John Moretti turns out to be it. A high-powered lawyer whose two rebellious teenagers are the only people he doesn’t seem able to impress, John hqnis shocked to find himself fighting for Chloe’s little cause, much less falling for her. But once he samples her home-baked charms, he’s hooked–and determined to make her a permanent part of his family. 

Paperback, 378 pages
Published November 1st 2008 by Harlequin Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

All That Matters, by Stef Ann Holm is a perfect fall read. I fell in love with the cover, and later the characters and story. I was under the impression that  was a “cozy mystery”, but don’t be fooled…. this novel screams CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE!
Chloe is the owner of a sweet little bakery, specializing in pastries and custom cakes. Everything is relatively perfect, until a huge conglomerate grocery store threatens to move in and run her out. Coincidentally, the lawyer for the grocery store offers her his advice…. and a bit more. *wink, wink*
If you like the writing of Debbie Macomber, then give Stef Ann Holm a chance if you haven’t already! Fans of contemporary romances will not be disappointed!!
HolmHeadshot2“Stef Ann Holm was born in Southern California near Hollywood. With the fantasy worlds of Disneyland and Universal Studios at her doorstep, her imagination was stimulated at an early age. She attended Chatsworth High where Kevin Spacey, Mare Winningham and Val Kilmer entertained on the school’s stage. As a semester elective, Stef Ann enrolled in drama and played a Fandango hostess in the chorus of Sweet Charity. It was the beginning and the end of her acting and singing career. She got a “C” in Drama and an “A” in Creative Writing.

She sold her first romance in 1987. While waiting for a load of laundry to complete at the laundromat, Stef Ann made up the name for her heroine, Camry, when she saw a Toyota Camry parked outside in the lot. Who knew that model would end up being so popular, making her in-depth research seem so shallow. Stef Ann has had twenty-four novels and one novella published. Her editor calls her contemporary romances, “Slices of life stories about real people.”

Stef Ann lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, extended family and her squirrel-crazy Yorkshire, Cocoa Puff.”–




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