AWRW October Reading Roundup

awrwoctroundupAWRW October Roundup

October was a great month for this well read woman. I read a lot of great books, started a meme, was interviewed over at The Cheap Reader, and I conducted a character interview of Miriam from the novel No More Mulberries, by Mary Smith. Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind of leaves and books!

And that is nothing compared to my personal life… We had family come move in with us, and their four pets, did some home remodeling, celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary, and my favorite holiday, Halloween! It’s been a busy month for sure.

So here is my monthly roundup for October over here at A Well Read Woman Blog, in case you missed it!no_more_mulberries_front_cover_v2-450

1.) On October 1rst, I interviewed Miriam from No More Mulberries, by Mary Smith. Miriam was a fun character to interview! You can check out my interview with Miriam, here.

2.) On October 9th, I was interviewed by Alison, over at The Cheap Reader, for a piece she calls Behind The Blog. If you are a blogger, and you are interested in an interview, please get in touch with Alison over at her blog! Her interview of me can be found here.

thegirlonthehalfshell3.) On October 12th, I read and reviewed The Girl on The Half Shell, by Susan Ward. The Girl on the Half Shell is a contemporary romance about a rich girl who falls for the bad boy, musician quintalstype. His world quickly consumes hers. My review of said book can be found, here.

4.) On October 22nd, I read and reviewed Quintal’s Quandary, by Nadine Christian. Quintal’s Quandary is an isolated island romance with a touch of suspense, and part of the Bounty’s Retreat Series. My review can be found, here.

5.) On Octobthemonsterwithinbooker 24th, I read and reviewed The Monster Within, by Kelly Hashway. The Monster Within was an excellent young adult tale about resurrection, witches, and love. My review can be found, here.

6.) Lastly, on October 29th, I created my first book meme, titled Way Back Wednesday. I encourage everyone to participate, and official rules can waybackwednesdaybe found, here.

My Way Back Wednesday posts can be found here, and here.

All in all, it was a great October, and I wish everyone a happy November, full of excellent books, hot coffee, and snuggly blankets to keep you warm!


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