AWRW Presents: 20 Book Blogging Ideas To Get You Out of That Book Blogging Slump!


20bookbloggingAs book bloggers, we write a lot of reviews, and participate in numerous blog tours and book blitz’s, all to pimp out… *ahem* I mean promote, our favorite authors and recommend, (sometimes dissuade), readers to books we have read.

But there is more to book blogging than the above topics. To keep your blog from becoming stale, I have compiled a list of 20 book related topics to feature on your book blog!

So if you have hit a blogging slump, or you want more creative material for your book blog, I am here to help! Behold, my 20 book blogging ideas! πŸ˜‰

1.) Interview an Author.

I really enjoy interviewing the Authors I write book reviews for. I like to interview them AFTER I’ve read their work, and then I can ask them all the things I was curious about as I read their book. Hey, it’s publicity for them, and you can get answers to all the questions that may have been nagging you as you read their novel!

2.) Interview a Character.

Yes, you read that right. You can interview a character from a book by either making up the answers yourself, to the best of your knowledge as to how the Author portrayed them, or interview the Author directly and ask them!

3.) Participate in one of the Daily Book Memes.

There are so many book memes to participate in that you could write a topic every day if you wanted to! Whether it be Sundays in Bed With…,Β Mailbox Monday, Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, Thursday Quotables, Β The Friday 56, or Stacking the Shelves!

These are just a few out of the MANY book memes that you can use for your own blog. Just don’t forget to credit the blogger from where you got it! πŸ˜‰

*Note: Click the above links to be taken to the meme directly/ and or to the meme’s host where you can find directions for the memes! You can also Google search, “Book Blogging Memes”.

4.) Discuss Bookish Things.

This is where you can really let your imagination soar! You can write about how you just painted your nails the colors of a favorite book jacket of yours, or how you just created a set of earrings to match a pair of earrings that the heroine, in the latest romance novel you are reading, is wearing. πŸ™‚ Really it can be anything, as long as it is bookish!

5.) Gifts for Bookworms that aren’t Books.

As a bookworm, what do you wish others would gift you, besides books? You can get really creative with this post. There are so many great bookish items that aren’t books, including coffee mugs, jewelry, clothing, art prints, etc. As a blogger, you could showcase some of your favorite items! (And if you are an Amazon Affiliate, maybe make some cha ching for yourself too!)

6.) Showcase your To Be Read Pile.

Book bloggers have TBR piles that are miles high. Wouldn’t it be fun to show off these piles, via pictures, videos, and or simply writing about the books that you CANNOT WAIT to get to?! Take your subscribers on a tour of your bookshelf, or if you are lucky, home library! Snap those shelfies and let the envy begin!

7.) So You Want to Be a Book Blogger?

Do friends and family tell you, “I want to do what you do!”?

Write a monthly or weekly feature about the ins and outs of book blogging. You know, the great books we receive, the wonderful authors who have become our friends, and why book blogging is in fact, so great! Don’t forget the negatives! -Authors behaving badly, whether needy, or upset with a review you wrote. All this behind the scenes stuff in our world is sometimes more entertaining than the books we read!

8.) Authors Behaving Badly.

Speaking of the negatives of book blogging, I would love to see some reviewers call some Authors out on their bad behavior. I know we all aren’t perfect, and Authors do have bad days, but a blog post about an Author Behaving Badly would be oh so entertaining to read.:)

Examples of Authors Behaving Badly:

1.) Calling you out on a bad review.

I don’t mean contacting you in general after a bad review, but hurling insults your way, etc over a FAIR AND HONEST review that you wrote. I’ve received a few of these… but I’m too chicken to say from who!

2.) Being extra needy and driving you to drink!

Having to tell said Author over and over again how wonderful they are and being their constant pat on the back sometimes makes you question yourself, is this Author worthy of this praise? Why are they so darn insecure?!

3.) Learning that an Author just bought a bazillion copies of their own book to get on a bestselling list.

Yup, it happens, and if you happen to know about it…

*I must mention that in your Authors Behaving Badly post, that you do NOT need to name names to make the post more interesting!! This isn’t to be mean, just for entertainment purposes only! Us bloggers have heard and seen it all! Let us have some laughs! πŸ˜‰

9.) Pinterest Worthy Photos of Books & Bookish Things.

If you are a book blogger, and you also are on Pinterest, chances are you have a board dedicated to books. Show that off and invite people to follow your book board!

Pssst! My Pinterest Book Board is here! Follow me and I will be happy to follow you back!

10.) Kindle E-Books that are Free on Amazon.

Ever so often I host “Freebie Friday” where I showcase promising books on Amazon that readers can get for free.

For instance, if you run a paranormal book blog, you can showcase promising looking ghostly reads for your subscribers to enjoy! Consider your audience, and go from there!

11.) Favorite Quotes from Books.

Did a line from a book you read this week just stop you in your tracks and make you put down the book for a minute to ponder the wonderment of the words before you?

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but maybe you enjoyed a line out of your novel, and wouldn’t it be nice to share that line via a post on your blog?

*Just no spoilers!!!! Geez Louise!

12.) Favorite Quotes about Books.

Do you have any favorite bookish quotes?

My personal favorite, by Louisa May Alcott, is “She is too fond of books and it has addled her brain.” In other versions, “addled” is replace with “turned”.

Pure brilliance!

And of course, “A Well Read Woman is a Dangerous Creature,” by Lisa Kleypas. But that goes without saying… πŸ˜‰

13.) A List of Blogs Similar to Yours.

Help your fellow book bloggers out by recommending your subscribers to follow them too! Maybe they will do the same for you! (In a perfect world, yes).

14.) Reading Challenge.

Create your own reading challenge and share it with your subscribers. If you have an interactive audience, (or you would like one), invite your followers to participate too!

You can share your progress, and encourage others who also share your love of reading. ❀

15.) A Link to your Amazon Book Wish List.

Hey, at the very least you are sharing a list of books you want to read, and at the most you might receive some books from some nice peeps! I see this as a WIN/WIN!


Everyone loves a good bookish giveaway! You can use giveaways to celebrate certain milestones on your blog, or just to attract more readers/subscribers. Hashtag your post (#Giveaway) on Twitter and Facebook, and you’d be surprised of all the people it will attract!

I use Rafflecopter, because it is free and easy to use!

Psst Amazon gift cards are a very popular giveaway item!

17.) Explain your Rating System.

Some bloggers use the standard Goodreads rating system of 1-5 stars, but maybe yours is different. Explain what your ratings mean to your subscribers and to the Authors you write reviews for. A 5 star review is seemingly spectacular, as long as you don’t rate from 1-10 stars! πŸ™‚

My rating system has it’s own page :D, and it can be found here!

18.) Why is Reading Important to You?

As book bloggers, I’m sure we could write some pretty lengthy posts about the importance of literacy. Consider sharing your first experiences reading, and your favorite books as a child. How has reading shaped YOUR life?

19.) Create a Book Blog Meme.

Do you have a fantastic book blog meme in your head that you think other bloggers might enjoy too? Then get it out there! Spread the word! Just make sure somebody else hasn’t thought of “your” idea first!

This would create a lot of increased traffic to your blog when other bloggers using your meme have to link back to you! Oooh imagine the possibilities!

20.) Your Advice to Book Bloggers.

Do you have any great tips for fellow book bloggers as to how to increase traffic, stats, and interaction? Well then by all means, share those tips!!!

I hope my above 20 ideas for book bloggers has helped stir your imagination for future posts for your blog. πŸ™‚ I would love to read your posts, so please, link back here so I can see what you wrote! ❀

Happy Blogging!





8 thoughts on “AWRW Presents: 20 Book Blogging Ideas To Get You Out of That Book Blogging Slump!

  1. What a great post, April. I love some of your ideas. I have recently read quite a few posts about authors behaving badly and am always taken aback at how some authors react if the review isn’t to their liking. It must be horrible for a reviewer to be attacked by an unhappy author.
    If you’d like I’d be deighted if you would like to interview a character from No More Mulberries, though as you gave it it such a good review I maybe shouldn’t be greedy!


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