GIVEAWAY!!! The Journal of Vincent du Maurier, by K.P. Ambroziak


Welcome everyone!

Author K.P. Ambroziak has generously offered to give away a digital copy of her book The Journal of Vincent du Maurier, to one lucky winner!

The contest will run from 6/23- 6-30, and you can enter every day if you wish!

THE JOURNAL OF VINCENT DU MAURIER FINALUp on the Esja, just north of the capital city that used to be known as Reykjavik, a hiker found this journal. He had passed the rock wasteland of Þverfellshorn and the plain of fresh snow, and had reached the grassy peak of Hábunga. As he crouched along the water that cuts through the mountain to wash the sweat from his brow, he saw it. Lodged in a crevice on the stream’s bank was a small leather-bound notebook wrapped in plastic. He picked up the treasure, threw it in his backpack, and started his trek down. With the exception of its last few missing pages, the following chronicle is the contents of that book translated in its entirety. The ink and paper have been authenticated, and we believe this journal is an original document from the period of the Red Death. 

Dagur Bijarnarson 
268 P.C.E. (Post Common Era) 

My Review:

But don’t just take my word for it! Check out what this reviewer had to say:

“Given the current obsession with vampire/zombie movies and books, you might think that the last thing you need to read is another vampire novel. K. P. Ambroziak’s The Fifth Empire: The Journal of Vincent du Maurier, though is a vampire novel that takes a completely new direction.
Ambroziak tells her story from the point of view of the vampire Vincent, a daring thing to do, given that any author desires that readers sympathize with your main character. Vincent is hard to sympathize with – he comes through, though, as a complex character – bad to the bone, but with a tiny streak of compassion beneath his pale, undead exterior, and even though his heart doesn’t beat, he is capable on occasion of almost human feeling.
I’m giving The Fifth Empire four stars for its excellent writing, tightly woven plot, and sheer entertainment value.” –Charles Ray


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About the Author:

K. P. Ambroziak was a reader long before she was a writer. She is an eclectic intellectual who can’t help but be overwhelmed and slightly depressed by the insurmountable and ever-increasing mountain of books yet to be read. And though she is a lover of words, she finds inspiration in the most ineffable places.

She will be receiving her doctorate in Comparative Literature in the coming year.



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