AWRW Book Review: Wilde Chase, (Wilde Brothers Book I), by Susan Hayes

wildechasePolice Officer Ben Wilde is married to his work, and he wants a divorce. A third generation cop, he knows the price his career demands, but he still hopes for more out of life than taking down criminals and late nights with his canine partner, Chase. 

Veterinarian Kelly Towers loves all animals, but she has a special place in her heart for Chase and Ben, his human handler. When her clinic is broken into, it brings the sexy Chicago cop and his four-footed partner to her door, and the sparks that have been smoldering between them finally combust into flames. 

Two passionate souls, two demanding careers, and too many secrets lead to a wild chase…

Details: Wilde Chase, by Susan Hayes, was published on January 22, 2014, by Evernight Publishing.

Genre: Erotic Romance/Suspense

Book Review:

“I was never much for the chase, but I’m truly done with it now. I’m all yours.”

Doctor Kelly Towers is a veterinarian at a clinic, appropriately titled Urban Paws, located in one of Chicago’s rougher neighborhoods. When thieves intrude on Kelly’s business, Officer Ben Wilde and his canine partner, Chase, come to Kelly’s rescue. Kelly takes the opportunity to ask Ben out for dinner, something he has been wanting to do himself since bringing his canine partner in for regular vet check-ups.

When Kelly suggests they go to Leo’s, a restaurant his family owns, he worries that Kelly will be swept away by one of his flirtatious brothers. The caveman in Ben comes out, and Kelly, being the modern, independent woman that she is, isn’t having any of it…(unless of course it is in the bedroom). 😉

“Kelly brought out his possessive streak with a vengeance. Every touch, every kiss they shared made it harder for him to deny what was happening. He wanted her, yes. But it was more than that. He wanted to wrap her in his arms and tell the world she belonged to him, and no one else.” 

Despite Ben’s caveman mentality, he makes her feel safe, and beautiful. This combination allows her to gain true intimacy, something she hadn’t experienced before. With Ben, she can finally be herself. She doesn’t know how long this will last, but she wants to enjoy every minute, without regret.

When Ben and Kelly get into an argument about her personal safety, angry, Kelly storms off. But will Ben’s words come back to bite her in the butt?

Will Ben come to her rescue, a second time?


Wilde Chase, by Susan Hayes, is an erotic romantic suspense that will keep you hanging at the edge of your seat! I loved Kelly Towers and Ben Wilde. They were perfect for each other! Their sex scenes were out of this world, (care for some syrupy oral sex anyone?), and they loved each other just as passionately!

This book was written in memory of a real life police dog, Chase, which made me smile immediately upon cracking this book open. I just love German Shepherd Police Service Dogs, and including one in the story was pure genius. There are plenty of romance novels with steamy policemen, but to have a steamy policeman AND his K9 dog?! PURE BRILLIANCE! Two big thumbs up Susan Hayes!

My favorite parts of the book was the banter between the Wilde brothers. TOO FUNNY! I love a story with a strong family theme, and brothers who tease each other give the story a nice dose of humor!

*Warning Spoiler*

One teeny thing bothered me about this story, and I don’t know if I’m over-thinking it, or if it was a loose thread that wasn’t tied up; When Kelly gets her purse knocked out of her hands, she looks down and one of the creep-bag losers says something like, “let’s get the party started!” Were those condoms still in her purse? Did they fall out? Is that what they were referring to?

*End of Spoiler Warning*

I will admit I teared up a bit at the end. I just happily ever afters… They are just the best. 🙂 I really enjoyed this book, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good erotic romantic suspense, and policemen!

***I received an E Copy of this book in exchange for a thoughtful, fair, and honest review.


shSusan lives out on the Canadian west coast surrounded by open water, dear family and good friends. She’s jumped out of perfectly good airplanes on purpose and had lunch next to royalty by accident. She’s passionately in love with the written word (and a few of her more hunky creations.)

Writing is her joy, her escape from reality and the only way she knows of to quiet the nagging harridan of a muse she claims the universe assigned to her.

You can contact Susan at or check out her website at


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