AWRW Interview: Historical Erotic Romance Author Faye Hall!

MistressOfPurity200X335 shesalotlikeyouMyGiftToYou400I had the privilege of interviewing historical erotic romance fiction Author Faye Hall, just in time for her newest release, “She’s A lot Like You”. Faye Hall is contracted with Red Sage Publishing Company.

Faye was kind enough to provide a book excerpt to her latest release, She’s A Lot Like You, which can be found after the interview!

Please welcome Faye Hall to A Well Read Woman Blog!

Hi Faye, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Please tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I’m originally from a small country town in North Queensland, Australia.  I started writing romances whilst still in high school, but it wasn’t until a few years later that I decided to put a historical flare into them.  I grew up in a district where so many little towns had so much wondrous and interesting history that I just wanted to share it with my readers, so I added a descent dose of suspense, a fair amount of mystery and I ended up writing steamy romances that were so much more than just a simple love story.

What have you written?

My first book, My Gift To you, was released 2012, tells of two young people, Rush and Bailey, who met as children after Rush’s parents were brutally killed.  Though they fight their growing love, they are drawn together by several murders and the secrets of both their families that reveal a truth neither could have foreseen.

She’s A lot Like You was my second book, released April this year.  And I’ve also contracted two more novels with Red Sage this year, but as yet don’t have a release date. 

Your latest release, She’s A Lot Like You, looks like a hot read! Can you tell us what She’s A lot Like You is about, and who may enjoy reading it?

She’s A lot Like You is set in Ravenswood, Australia after 1860.  Tells the story of two lovers torn from each other for ten years by their families lies and deceit and hidden secrets.  When Willow, the heroine, returns to the town life after ten years away she is set on revenge against Re, the hero, for she feels it is his fault she had to leave town.  What Willow finds though is a passionate love she never ever thought to find.  Oh and there’s a few murders thrown in as well. There is a bit of everything in this book so it is sure to appeal to everyone be you a romantic at heart, or like a bit more spice to your stories.

Give us some insight into your main characters, Willow Jameson, and Re Morgan. What does he/she do that is so special?

Willow Jameson is a very strong willed, stubborn woman who believes her love for Re can overcome all the obstacles put before them.  When she is driven from town, her once naïve manner is overcome with her need for revenge.  When she returns to town ten years later, Willow is much more prepared for those she has to dispose of to achieve the destruction of the families that had driven her from her town and the man she loved.

Re Morgan was just as naïve as a child, thinking he would be able to wed this woman he had fallen in love with.  He learnt the hard way this would never be allowed of him.  When Willow returns to him ten years later he is a very hard man who believes love doesn’t exist, nor will it ever.  Despite this though, he can’t stop showing a softer side of himself when Willow again surrenders in his arms.

Who would your dream cast be for She’s A Lot Like You? What actress would you like to see play Willow Jameson, and which actor for Re Morgan?

Scarlett Johansson would be great for Willow, however a slight change of hair color would be in order to bring Willow’s beauty to life. And Kit Harington could more than represent the dark broodiness of Re.


Excellent choices!

How much research did you do for this book?

A bit.  I already knew a fair bit of local history having grew up near Ravenswood where the story is set.  But I did have to research the bit of Aboriginal medicine and remedy that is mentioned in the book.

What draws you to write historical romance?

I have always loved history, and being able to create people’s lives in such a time period is like a dream come true.

What made you decide to be a writer?

I actually didn’t decide it as such.  I have always loved writing even as a child, and I have always been guilty of writing down little ditties on scrap bits of paper.  So in a respect writing actually chose me.  It just seems to come naturally to me.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I want to write a best seller (isn’t that every writers dream?).  But I would just love to write books that people enjoy and are able to stay popular.

Thank you so much Faye for agreeing to this interview. I enjoyed having you on my blog!

Book Blurb:

Willow Jameson knew nothing of her family’s past or their connection to the Morgan family when she first met Re Morgan.  All she seen was his ruggedly handsome appearance, his gentle words luring her into his strong embrace.  What she found was a passion beyond compare.
She couldn’t have foreseen the lies and family betrayal that would inevitably rob her of the man she loved and forever change her life.
Willow returned to the town life she loved so much, no longer ignorant to those who had separated her from the man she’d loved.  She was back now to make those responsible pay for all they’d taken from her.  In her search what she found was the hardened man Re Morgan had become…
…a man whose mere glance reignited a passion she had thought long since forgotten.
Re Morgan had left a horde of jilted lovers in his trail.  When he seen Willow again across the crowded dancehall, he wanted nothing more than to add her to this list.  Re wanted little more than a short, heated affair.
What he became involved in was far more scandalous than he could have ever imagined.


Willow stood with her back to Re, never able to see his approach.  She didn’t even see the look of horror on his face…nor did he see the gleam of tears on her cheeks.  All he saw was her being held in Chris’s arms, her body only a breath away from his.  It was a closeness he knew was far from accepted in polite society.

It was a closeness he shared with her…had thought to only share with her.

Looking to his friend, Re silently pleaded with him.  He needed to hear him say it was all just a misunderstanding.  He needed him to put at ease the quickly growing doubt in his heart.

But he didn’t hear any of this.  All he saw was the obvious lust gleaming in the young man’s eyes.

Chris cocked his brow, as if it was obvious their reason for being together.  When Re looked at him, begging to know the truth, Chris’s smile turned into an obvious sneer. 

Slowly, he shrugged his shoulders.

“How could I refuse?” he muttered, his words almost a whisper.

Hearing this short statement through her distress, Willow knew someone had found them.  Raising her tear-covered face from Chris’s shoulder she tried to free herself from his unrelenting grasp.  Realising her struggles were useless, she turned in his arms to see who had approached them.  Only too late did she realise just how suggestive her position would look.

Her eyes’ meeting the hurt and pain in Re’s eyes, Willow knew instantly what he was concluding of what he was seeing. 

“Re,” she whispered, almost desperate.

His dark stare turned hateful. 

“Damn you both to hell!” he spat at them, immediately turning back to make a quick return to the estate house.

“Re,’ she again called after him, struggling against Chris’s tight hold.

When Chris didn’t let her go despite her struggles, she turned slightly and pushed him away with all her might.

“You son of a bitch,’ she spat at him, suddenly realising this man’s intentions.

“I may be, madam,” he replied casually.  “Yet even you can’t deny what you wanted when you lured me out here.”

Her dark eyes narrowed with hate. 

“I hope you rot in hell, you bastard!”

Turning quickly, Willow ran after Re’s retreating figure.  She knew what he must be thinking, but he had to know she played no willing part in it.  He had to know the truth.

“Willow,” Chris called after her, slight anger in his tone.  “Damn it, you know you want this as much as I do.”

But she never turned back to him.  She only kept chasing the retreating figure of the man she loved.



Red Sage Publishing, Inc. © 2013 All Rights Reserved

 About The Author:

Faye Hall’s passion driven, mystery filled books are set in small townships of North Queensland, Australia during the late 1800’s. Each of her novels bring something symbolically Australian to her readers, from Aboriginal herbal remedies, to certain gemstones naturally only found in this part of the world. Each of her books tell of a passionate connection between the hero and heroine, surrounded and threatened by deceit, scandal, theft and sometimes even murder.

These romances swerve from the traditional romances as Faye aims to give her readers so much more intrigue, whilst also revealing the hidden histories of rural townships of North Queensland. Faye finds her inspiration from the histories of not only the township she grew up in, but the many surrounding it. She also bases most of her characters on people she has met in her life.

Faye was able to live her own passion driven romance, marrying the love of her life after a whirlwind romance in 2013. Together they are raising their 9 children in a remote country town in northern Queensland, Australia.

Yes, you read that correctly, nine!


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