Book Review: No More Mulberries, by Mary Smith

No More Mulberries, by Author Mary Smith

Book Review:

Scottish born Margaret, now Miriam, can’t milk a goat but she can birth a baby and educate not only patients, but young students too. When her Afghan husband tells her she is no longer to teach as it may damage not only her, but his reputation also, she realizes this is it… This is her life now. She is no longer a teacher and she needs to adapt, and learn the village mentality.

Married for five years, with a son from her previous marriage and a young daughter together, Miriam feels her and Iqbal are growing apart. They work together at a clinic, and when foreigner Dr. Jeanine visits with an assignment for Miriam alone, Dr. Iqbal is furious, as Afghan women do not travel without their husbands.

But Miriam travels anyways, despite her husband’s wishes, and on this journey she not only completes her assignment, but she helps patients, puts the past to rest, and discovers something about herself that paves the way to heal her marriage with Iqbal.


This book is excellent. Mary Smith is an excellent storyteller. She blends history with fiction, and accurately portrays life for modern families living in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

No More Mulberries by Mary Smith is a story about customs, reputation, love, and marriage. I highly recommend this compelling story to anyone who enjoys women’s fiction, fiction about living in a foreign country, and multicultural marriage stories!

5 Mulberries! πŸ™‚Β 

I received an E-copy of No More Mulberries by the Author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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10 thoughts on “Book Review: No More Mulberries, by Mary Smith

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  2. I bought No More Mulberries quite some time ago and agree that it is a good read; story informs as well as entertains. The plot twists are believable and often unexpected. This author’s nonfiction book about life in Afghanistan just prior to the rise of the Taliban is also an informative read.


  3. Afghanistan has been a hot topic to write on since the beginning of the Cold War. Many have written novels and made movies on this country primarily focusing on the war, the Soviet’s evilness, heroism of the western soldiers, ethnic conflicts, patriarchy, women’s rights abuse, and the like of it. Take Khalid Hosseini’s two novels for instance which apparently got famous as well.

    What they missed out was that many in Afghanistan led a normal life and had issues that concern a life not unlike that of many elsewhere. Love, dedication, family, friendship, … are themes that Mary Smith was able to focus on in this novel in a war torn country. She opted to reflect what was real without creating drama that is sold these days so easily. Mary was able to draw a picture many failed to create.

    It’s a must read.


    • Hello Mustafa! Thanks for the comment! I absolutely agree with you that Mary Smith “normalized” life in Afghanistan, and portrayed it well! Such a great read! I’m happy I was picked to review No More Mulberries!


  4. Mary writes from firsthand experience and takes her readers right along with her. A good read. I have recommended her novel to many of my friends.


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