No Pain, No Gain?


“A lesson without Pain is meaningless. For you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But once you have overcome it and made it your own… you will gain a irreplaceable fullmetal heart”–unknown.

I am tired, like really tired. Both knees, and my left elbow are swollen, my back is stiff, and my ankles are tender to the touch. You see, I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have pushed myself too much in the past couple of weeks.

My husband and I just bought our first house. This process has been very exciting, but stressful all at the same time. I skipped my rheumatologist appointment this morning because I know he is going to want to stab me in the joints with needles to relieve the swelling, but my upcoming schedule does not permit me to be out of commission. The movers are coming by the end of this week and I need to be able to pack boxes, lift, and most importantly WALK.

I have countless reviews coming up, and a beta read for an Author who is a good friend of mine to be done by this weekend. This all takes a back burner compared to all the things I need to get done with the house. The living and dining room need to be painted, curtains hung, etc. We just finished our bedroom and it looks amazing! See for yourself! 🙂


Our foyer has this god awful wallpaper, so I need to call someone to rip it down and paint. I cannot wait till that is done! It will completely change the look of our house!! I would do it myself except I am deathly afraid of heights and the ceiling goes alllll the way up. We own a historic tudor colonial, so you can imagine the height!


And then there is our yard…. The house has sat vacant for two years and the gardens are OUT OF CONTROL. I’m talking a JUNGLE. Wednesday we are tackling that. –Yes, I really am insane. I’m gonna need total joint replacements by next month if I keep carrying on this way.

So, I am terribly sorry if I haven’t gotten to your book yet for review. I really do feel guilty about it, and it’s on my mind a lot. However, LIFE HAPPENS. I never thought we would get a house when we did. It took us TWO YEARS, so you can imagine that I eventually lost a little bit of hope. When I promised to review the titles I didn’t foresee us getting the loan and the house when we did. It just sort of, happened!


So rest assured, I WILL get to your book! At the rate I’m going I will be bedridden soon anyways, and will have all the time in the world to READ. Cat-Tongue-Wallpaper-Awesome


2 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain?

  1. Congratulations on your new house! I understand how hard it is to keep up with reading and reviewing books because life always interferes but for you this is a good interference to have 🙂


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