Book Review: The Girls of Tonsil Lake, by Liz Flaherty


“I thought of how little some things had changed since Tonsil Lake. We still sat in the kitchen in our nightclothes, still dreamed of the perfect man -whether we’d had him and lost him, still had him, or were sort of hoping -and we still got zits.”

The Girls of Tonsil Lake, by Liz Flaherty, is a story about four women who have been friends nearly all their lives. They’ve gone from drinking Kool Aid out of the glasses peanut butter comes from, to drinking wine out of leaded crystal glasses. They have gone through cancer, divorce, pain, deaths of loved ones, pervy step-fathers, and heart break, and they have survived. They have survived mostly because they have had each other to lean on. They believe in second and third chances.

“Time heals all wounds, but sometimes friendship does too.” 

There is Andie, the fighter. The survivor of breast cancer. She is the snarky one out of the bunch, and my favorite. 🙂 Jean is the maternal one. She would give you the shirt off her back. She never complains. She is struggling to find her true self. Vin is the mysterious one. She isn’t as open as the other girls. And then there is beautiful blonde Suzanne, who regrets some decisions she made as a mother.

The Girls of Tonsil Lake is an excellent women’s fiction novel. I was fully absorbed and eager to turn the next page. Several times I audibly GASPED at the unpredictable turns of events, -and there were so many! I absolutely LOVED this story!

Readers of Women’s Fiction would no doubt enjoy this story. It touches on so many real life things that women may be going through themselves, or know someone who is. These women are amazing. I would highly recommend this enlightening read!

5 well deserved bright “forny” stars! 😉



I received an e-copy of The Girls of Tonsil Lake, by the Author in exchange for a fair & honest review.

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About the Author

Image of Liz Flaherty“I was always daydreaming as a kid, about living in elegant places where other people made your bed and dusted your furniture, wearing clothes that screamed triumphantly, “Liz Claiborne, size two!” every time I put them on, and writing blockbuster novels.
Instead, I live in a big old farmhouse back a dusty lane, where whoever is the last one out of bed makes it and no one bothers with dusting. My clothes mumble sheepishly, “J. C. Penney, buy a bigger size.” And my novels aren’t what you’d call blockbusters. What they are is stories about people like me and maybe like you, whose dreams have gone awry or simply withered up and died. It’s my job as a writer to take care of those dreams, either by straightening out the old ones or finding new ones. Either way, I love it, and I’d love hearing how you feel about how I’ve done that job. Email me at ”–Amazon Author Bio


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