Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I Want



The Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke & Bookish, to discuss our top ten favorite things that are bookish, but aren’t actually books! How fun is that??!!!

I have scoured the web to find things that I love and wish to own. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday!


1.) bebe These gorgeous amethyst reading glasses by Bebe.

2.) fairytaleThis authentic Pandora Once Upon A Time Fairy Tale Book Charm.

3.)   This Reading Is Sexy 100% biodegradable corn plastic mug!


4.)  Paper Passion Perfume!

5.) Wicked witch bookmark. Children gift, Wizard of OZ. Red slippers for her, for all, hostess. Ohtteam This wicked witch legs bookmark!

6.)  This beautiful Logan Chaise to lounge while I read.

7.)  This Kindle Paperwhite. So I don’t have to read e-books online anymore.

8.) This awesome tote bag with “She Is Too Fond Of Books…” quote!

9.)Rather Be Reading Women's Dark Pajamas I’d Rather Be Reading Pajamas!

10.) Book Shaped Plates & Platters Book shaped plates & platters!

Well, that’s my top ten list! What is yours? 🙂



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