Book Review: The Kelpie, by T.J. Wooldridge


From left to right: The Kelpie, by TJ Wooldridge, Copper Girl, by Jennifer Allis Provost, and Death and Mr. Right, by Kendra L. Saunders. All Spencer Hill Press books!

I loved T.J. Wooldridge’s take on the Scottish water horse myth. Although this is a middle grade novel, I found myself wrapped up in it, eager to turn the next page. The Kelpie, by T.J. Wooldridge is a winner!


Heather and Joe –Prince Joseph to be exact, set out on an adventure to discover why children are going missImageing, dissatisfied with the local police work. To their shock and horror, they discover a Kelpie –a child eating Faerie horse, has moved into the loch next door!

They survive, and aren’t eaten alive, but now they have to deal with their families… Heather and Joe aren’t sure which would have been worse!

Heather develops a soft spot for the ravenous child killing beast, and won’t allow anyone to kill it. She captures him, and develops a relationship with him, which is surprisingly “not unpleasant” for either of them.

Adventurously brave pre-teens, a child killing horse, ghosts, and a snarky cat make up this charming tale by T.J Wooldridge. I only wish this story had come out when I was a pre-teen! 5 stars for this fantastic debut novel!


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