Book Review: The Divorced Not Dead Workshop, by CeCe Osgood

A romantic comedy about love, friendship, romance...and divorce!

After the company she is working for downsizes and lays Dorsey Bing off, she decides to go with her brainchild idea of focusing on, and creating a dating workshop. If she puts all her energy into creating a dating workshop for divorcees, she can take her mind off her crappy love and work life. With her two best friends by her side, they discuss Dorsey’s workshop idea to “desuckify the sucky guys.”

The plan is to coach men into getting themselves into a better place in their lives, so they can feel good about who they are. To teach them to learn a better way to relate to others, and to find the courage to get back into the dating world. They eventually decide to include women in the workshop, and target people who are just beginning to realize they’re divorced, not dead. Hence where the workshop name is derived from.

Meanwhile, Dorsey’s step-father is getting married on a cruise ship, and wouldn’t you know that Dorsey’s best friend scheduled the workshop at the same time?

Fortunately, the group agrees to meet on the cruise ship, and Dorsey is able to teach the class on her way to Cabo for her step-father’s wedding.

It isn’t easy, and Dorsey is stressed to the max. She fears running into her ex on the cruise ship, (her step-father is marrying her ex’s Aunt), and she fears being sued by her class if everything doesn’t go right. When she topples into a British man and causes him to lose his phone to the ocean, she really feels terrible and hopes she can avoid him for the rest of the cruise.

But she isn’t that lucky. The man she bumped into happens to be related not only to her step-father’s new bride, but also to her ex!

As Dorsey gets to know Finn better, he asks to audit and sit in on her class for reasons she doesn’t quite understand. Is he interested in the class as a divorcee himself? Or is it something else?

Dorsey goes back and forth between being annoyed and charmed with Finn. Just when she think she can’t take anymore, her ex arrives…


I really enjoyed The Divorced Not Dead Workshop, by CeCe Osgood. It was a fun, light read that made me laugh! I would classify this book as a women’s fiction with a romantic twist. It also features a lot of self help advice that may appeal to someone who was interested in getting back out into the dating world after a divorce, or bad break up. It’s an all around great novel, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

I love the main character Dorsey, even though she is a “daft nutter” :). –And she definitely is! There is a scene in the book where she believes there is a drunk, burglar rapist at her door that had me in hysterics! But that is just typical Dorsey, jumping way off base and to the craziest possible conclusion. 🙂

I give The Divorced Not Dead Workshop 4 Stars! It is a great read! Guaranteed to be enjoyed by those who love romantic comedies!

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***I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.***


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