Book Review: Body Double, by Alane Hudson


“His eyes welled, and his heart threatened to bubble over. God, he loved her. This was the woman he had to find a way to be with, no matter what…”

When Andrea Lindholm loses her job, it sets off a string of events that she could have never imagined happening. She expected to be interviewed for the position of social work, and is shocked when she meets her doppelganger and real life body double, Dr. Sarah Gentry.

pinkrosesDr. Gentry makes her an offer she can’t refuse, the chance to make a million dollars and help Colombian sex traffic victims. Granted with power of attorney, Andrea is forced to face her demons of the past when she learns part of the deal includes marrying wealthy and successful businessman Blake, by proxy. Unfortunately, Andrea has walked down the aisle herself once before, and her fiance never showed up… jilted



Despite this, she agrees to stand in for Sarah, so Sarah can go to Columbia and rescue several sex trafficking victims.

Blake and Andrea become captivated by each other, and saying goodbye in two weeks is the last thing either of them want. Andrea had put her life on hold, and her heart in jeopardy. What will become of them when the honeymoon is over? And what will become of Blake and Sarah?

I really enjoyed this story. There are so many twists and turns that keep the reader interested. It is a story of true love, romance, and the power of forgiveness. This story taught me to follow my heart, like Blake and Andrea did.

I highly recommend Body Double, by Alane Hudson, to anyone who enjoys a good, refreshing romance. A bit suspenseful at times, this book was anything but predictable. 4 stars!

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***I received an e-copy of Body Double from the Author in exchange for a fair & honest review.


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