Book Review: Cursed Hearts (A Crossroads Novel) Book I, by Light & Lowell


“I love you too,” she declared. “More than I can handle. More than I know what to do with. For the first time in my life, I don’t have to wonder why I was put on this earth. I know now. I was put here for you. All this time, I’ve just been waiting for you to find me.”

Cursed Hearts is a story about teenagers who possess magical abilities, and their twisted love lives. They attend a magical academy, where they learn to perfect their crafts. The story centers around a slew of characters: Rome, Aria, Christian, Dallas, Jesse, Scarlet and Kaleb, and the POV changed frequently. Several of the characters learn that they are all bound together because of an ancient curse. It becomes their mission to end this curse, even if it costs one of their lives.

This book wasn’t for me. I didn’t think the content was appropriate for a YA novel. There was a lot of sexual content, boy on boy, and boy on girl. The boys treated Aria like total crap and she put up with it. They even borderline raped her, and she accepted that too! I didn’t like the characters at all. They were misogynistic and unlikable.

I nearly didn’t finish the book. I think it may have been better if it was about 200 pgs shorter. I trudged through it, and was totally annoyed with the ending.

But enough of the negatives, this book did have some positive qualities too. First, it is well written. I supplied a quote from the book at the beginning of my review to give the reader a taste of the dialogue. Next, the theme of a tragic love story with a fantastical twist was interesting. There were just too many characters in love with multiple people, for me. But if you enjoy a love triangle, then you will surely get into this story.

***I was given an e-copy of this book in exchange for a FAIR & HONEST review.

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Cursed Hearts (A Crossroads Novel)



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