Fantasy Friday! Book Review: A Perpetual Mimicry, by K.P. Ambroziak

dark_angel_by_marissafarrar-d5nna95  “What would you give, my friend, to regain your star?”

perpetualmimicry I wish I could see inside the mind of K.P. Ambroziak. I love the stories and characters she creates. She is an AMAZING author. A Perpetual Mimicry rendered me speechless. The story is dark and twisted, and oh so interesting. An absolutely unique tale!

Banished from the realm he knows, deplumed and trapped within a human frame, an angel later known as Ani is rescued by fraternal creature Simon, another banished angel. Simon promises Ani that he will show him how to regain his star, and how to rejuvenate his essence in a human body through a process known as body snatching.

In human form, Ani lets his instincts guide him, and he stumbles upon a quaint cottage where a beautiful oval faced girl named Sarah awaits him. A man he knows to be his father is on his death bed, and he makes Ani promise him to protect Sarah. Ani agrees to do just that.

Ani learns about human emotions, specifically grief and love. His grief of his earthly father bonds him to Sarah, and he falls in love with her. He is devastated when someone else tells him that they are to marry Sarah. He feels that his depluming was nothing compared to the plucking out of his heart.

Life becomes intolerable. He believes he was sent to earth as punishment, and not to find earthly love. Just as he thinks he can’t handle anymore, Simon gives Ani a vial of liquid which he drinks and he starts anew again.

He continues this cycle in multiple bodies, each time learning a bit more of his purpose here on earth. Simon continually launches Ani through infinite dimensions, and different time periods. Then a butterfly visits him and provides him with a vision and a revelation that is more than shocking to him…

He learns that although trapped in an endless cycle as an immortal soul, his fate isn’t hopeless. If only he refuses what he desires most, he can then die in the flesh and attain true freedom.

There isn’t a happily ever after for Ani, and as a reader I wondered what would become of him and if he would be able to avoid what he desires the most. I also wonder if there will be a sequel to A Perpetual Mimicry. If there is, I will be sure to read it!

I HIGHLY recommend this story to anyone who enjoys dark fantasies. A Perpetual Mimicry is a tragic tale of a banished angel forced to roam the earth in a human shell. Beautifully written, and thought provoking. I give this book 5/5 stars!

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A Perpetual Mimicry: A Novella

***I received an E-copy of this book in exchange for a fair & honest review!

*** Fantasy Friday image inspired by Ani of A Perpetual Mimicry.


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